Tattooed Shoes By CelebrityTattooist

Here at MFM we love hearing about new ways to add more style to a look, so you can image how thrilled we were to find out about this idea of tattooing shoes. We received the press release that informed us that British shoe house Oliver Sweeney has partnered with luxury launches website to offer the opportunity to own a pair of shoes with a rock n roll twist. Henry Hate, ‘tattooist to the stars’ including the legendary Alexander McQueen, Amy Winehouse, Boy George and Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand, will tattoo a bespoke design* on to any pair of Oliver Sweeney tan shoes at a total cost of £995. Each pair will be personally tattooed by Henry himself with imagery that reflects the buyers style or personality.

oliversweeney_shoetattoo_02There are brogues and boots and much more that can be selected from and the tattoo design will feature on the upper sole, hand rendered by Henry using his much treasured tattoo gun and inks. This is the first time we have heard about anything like this and we are hoping it takes off in a big way, the idea of tattooed shoes sounds super stylish, edgy and ahead of everything right now and it can be seen as a new way to express yourself. If you are interested, you can head over to to see whats on offer. You will then be invited to list: three characteristics that best define yourself; your favourite location in the world; and the person, animal or object that most inspires you. Henry Hate will use this to inspire the imagery he renders on the shoes. Alternatively you will be able to submit image references of your own. We suggest you get on this straight away, if other designers get wind of this you may see it all over the catwalks soon.