Take your personal grooming to another level

In today’s age and era men’s grooming has become the forefront of health and beauty, and let’s be honest, no one likes an unhygienic man! Don’t underestimate the significance of not only feeling good but also looking good as a well-groomed man will always grab attention, from the way he carries himself, his hairstyle, to the length of his beard and everything else gets noticed when he walks out of the house. The options for men’s grooming are huge, men have now started to take good care of themselves by investing in good grooming products and by giving their hair, beard and skin the much-needed pampering.

LUMIN: Products that solve problems

With the availability of quality products from LUMIN, you can have everything in your bathroom that will let you have a daily facial care regime. This helps to keep your face looking youthful, healthy and vibrant.

LUMIN No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser:

A no-nonsense daily detox for your face, and a charcoal cleanser will have a detoxifying effect and brighten the skin, helping those of you with oily skin, gets rid of impurities, and keeps your face protected and conditioned. So using something else other than a bar of soap on your face will make a huge difference by removing surface dirt and oil and this is the first step in allowing any moisturiser to penetrate the skin’s surface. Note that a face that is well looked after is youthful!

LUMIN Ultra-Hydrating Moisturising Balm:

Great looking skin is easy – if you  follow these simple steps in keeping it smooth and supple it’ll  keep your face looking ultra-fresh always. If you’ve ever weighed the merits of moisturising your skin, think about the fact that your face probably meets every type of weather that comes your way. It is much less resilient and needs regular protection to keep it in it’s best condition..

Lumin moisturising balm is tailored to your unique skin type, built to target that good old winter dullness and dryness. Note that a face that is well looked after is refreshed.

LUMIN Clarifying Body Wash:

Cover your body, and with a body wash that won’t dry your skin, and this clarifying body wash is perfect to keep your skin clean from head-to-toe. It will help to prevent acne, dry skin, body breakouts with nourishing jojoba oil, soothing aloe vera, tea tree-infused pore-cleansing formula. Going a step further, kicks in on those places that are more prone to odours, like the underarms and the groin area, it’s enough, especially if you’ve had a day where you’ve been sweating. Note that a body well looked after is appealing to your partner.

LUMIN Keratin Recovery Shampoo:

What exactly does keratin shampoo do?It helps to rebuild the protein structure of your damaged hair and over time leaves it strengthened, stimulates hair growth and prevents that oil build up with potential natural ingredients silky and smooth. It will also nourish your scalp and strengthen your follicles, and this shampoo might be just the introduction to the multi-tasking ingredient, giving you a sharp hairstyle that’ll make you look presentable with the best grooming regime.

Note the other notable ingredient is tea tree leaf oil – you hear that, guys.

LUMIN Keratin Strengthening Conditioner:

Keratin conditioner is the perfect final touch after using keratin shampoo. Keratin is a basic protein building block found in the hair, and when the outer layer of the hair is damaged, keratin protects new cells beneath it resulting in mending unmanageable hair. Used to help the health of your hair and is especially good on people with dry hair, smoothing dry ends, and if your hair is getting fine or thinning, keratin conditioner will help keep it at bay and make it more easy to obtain that hairstyle you want.

Note this keratin leave-in conditioner can work miracles.

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