Supremebeing SS14 Collection

To the narrow minded, youth seems an odd choice for the basis of a new fashion collection. Perhaps, to some, the idea of youth connotes onesies and children. This is not the case of the SS14 Supremebeing collection that has taken the concept of youth – the irreverent attitude and exuberant nature – and transformed that into their unique and playful designs.

image 1

With the concept of youth in mind, the questions that came next were how to portray this. The answer, evidently, was obvious for Supremebeing who have used outerwear, t-shirts, legwear and accessories. With this, they’ve decided to explore the different types of cuts and sewing used on these products, declaring the look be more casual and have a basis for the season it’s going into.

The colours used have a dark edge but are in keeping with the seasons of spring and summer. From yellow to green and black to white, the colours are controlled thus the fun came with the patterns. If we look to the green shirt, which has a matching hat and shorts, it creates a stylised perhaps, somewhat, simple look. Again, however, with the patterns – the use of brown swirls – it brings another layer to this design.

image 2

If we bring it back to the central theme – youth – the shirt relates to the sense of youthful adventure. The brown swirls not only bring another layer but also allow us, as the wearer, to express our explorations. Subtly in youth is underrated but with the Supremebeing collection this concept has been looked at, taken by the collar and exposed.

The colours and patterns swirl in and out of one another. Jeans and shorts remain classic when the upper layers – raincoats and jackets – are challenged with patterns and hold that youthful passion that is coming through the Supremebeing SS14 collection.

So what do you think? What are your views on Supremembeing SS14 collection? At MFM we love staying true to the time we’re in but also playing around with other eras. Youth focuses on today but all the while asking about tomorrow.