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Mens Fashion Trend: Summer Scarves

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A few weeks back we touched on the importance of neckwear this SS12, such as neckerchiefs, ties and bow ties and light weight scarves. Today at MFM, we’re going to be highlighting one in particular, summer scarves. Guys often frown upon wearing scarves in the summer, they see it as a winter accessory and an accessory which is only used for functionality. If you feel this way you need to get over it, as scarves are an accessory which can really transform your whole look.

When it comes to the summer, light weight scarves are made from finer materials and are designed to not absorb heat. Therefore they infact don’t hold a great deal of functionality, but they do indeed carry a lot of compliments to your outfits. They can add a dash of colour where needed, a darker toned scarf can be used to neutralise brighter colours, and trends can be established through printed scarves or textures of the scarf. They’re extremely versatile, and are a great addition to our SS12 wardrobe.

Ways To Wear Summer Scarves

As mentioned, the summer scarf is extremely versatile. It holds huge benefits such as adding colour or neutralising colour, and it can be worn in multiple ways. If you’re looking for more of a casual, relaxed yet elegant approach, layer the light weight scarf underneath a linen blazer. Drape it across your shoulders but underneath the blazer, showing a hint of the scarf’s pattern peaking through the blazers lapels. It can also be worn over the blazer, or over a shirt, draping loosely over your shoulders to create a relaxed yet elegant feel, this way is perfect if you’re aiming to show off a bit of chest. Other ways to wear the scarf are loose knots again highlighting a relaxed aspect to a look, or tighter knots and tucking in the draping effect of the scarf creating more of a tailored, tighter finish. Here are some photos to take inspiration from:

The Silk Scarf

The price is often frowned upon by many, but the quality and style a silk scarf carries is out of this world. It’s one of the finest fabrics for the summer season, and will really add elegance to your look. Ok, you’re going to be paying a lot more compared to a cotton scarf, but you’re paying for quality. If you’re shopping on a budget, try your local thrift stores, boot sales, charity stores and eBay. You can normally pick up a great bargain on a vintage silk scarf, which carries history along with elegance. Here’s some great silk scarves available on the market today:

Scarf Focus

We managed to get our hands on this beauty, and it’s perfect for all year round. With a silk and cashmere mix, it’s slightly thicker than most silk scarves making it perfect for colder seasons. It’s large in size, making it extremely versatile to style. It’s high quality, attention to detailing such as the frayed end fringing and clever colour contrasts make this scarf a must have. It’s simple colour tones mean’s the darker colour variations can be used to neutralise brighter colours, such as prints and block colourings, and the brighter colours can be used to inject colour into a dull look. Available in a variety of colours, this scarf is a right steal at £80. With amazing texture, attention to detailing, design and functionality, take a look at this Silk Cashmere scarf from Moodys.

So what’s your thoughts on the summer scarf? Is it a must have in your wardrobe? How do you wear it?

Let us know!

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Paul McGregor
Paul McGregor

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  • Gary Dumas

    This site has truly inspired me to no longer be apprehensive about wearing a scarf, a man

  • Shane

    Just one question – am planning on wearing a summer scarf to a friend’s wedding this weekend, but is it OK for the ends to be under the shirt, so that really only the part around the neck shows? In the pictures above (specifically with the lilac shirt) – would it be OK for the front ends to be inside the shirt rather than having loose outside? Thanks!

    • Paul McGregor

      A scarf can defiantly be worn that way, it adds more of a cravat feel and looks more tailored, rather than casually draping the scarf other your shoulders. Go for it, you’ll look great.

  • Shane

    Thank you!

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