Style Profile: is a world-renowned and multi-faceted contemporary music extraordinaire. Recognised initially as a quarter of The Black Eyed Peas, the successful entertainer has certainly since staked his claim as a solo artist in his own right. He has rubbed shoulders with the best of them, collaborating regularly with the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake. It is notable that, among his many talents, boasts an impressively acute awareness of emerging trends; of the new-and-soon-to-be-huge. What is most interesting is how this extends beyond music to fashion, establishing him firmly as a modern icon of coolness and style.

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One of the reasons that the rapper-singer-writer-producer stands out among his peers is his well-documented fascination with technology. Rendering a tremendously distinct look, he is able to work this into his outlandish personal style with avant-garde garments and accessories that challenge preconceptions and above all feel wholly futuristic. And he does this in a variety of ways, in a variety of different contexts; in a sense always remixing sartorial ideals with his own quirks. Take a look at the signatures and interpret into your ownhashtaggable, Twitter-worthy look.


Tailoring is bound up with tradition and can be difficult to tweak and twist for a contemporary fashion climate., ever the fan of experimentation and dressing up, is a great example of how to balance fine tailored pieces — and he knows how to select a smart staple — with unique personality.

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It would appear that he has two approaches. The first of his preferred looks is smarter; a little understated and more typically masculine, with nods to traditional cuts and simplistic detailing. Expect high quality fabrics and relatively neutral shades that give an air of the quintessential gent (you can imagine that we’re big fans of that look here at MFM), but without feeling too staid or downright old-fashioned. This look is easy to emulate: keep things simple, with embellishments to the outfit at a minimum, and let the suit’s sharp cut talk for itself.

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More in tune with what we have come to expect however, Will’s second take on smart attire is a fuller lean in the direction of eccentric. Unafraid of showing off his creativity, he will opt for prints, bold colours and mismatching like you would never imagine could look so polished. Embrace your inner superstar and unlock the requisite audaciousness — this look is undeniably all about personality and while clothes will help, that’s pretty much all on the individual.

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If you’re looking to really channel #willpower, do as does exemplarily and finish things off with an easily striking accessory. Think colour, print and studded detailing.

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Keep It Casual

Although he unlikely stops working all that often,’s off-duty style is quite covetable. His globetrotting lifestyle is apparent in this relaxed look that somehow says something along the lines of ‘urban explorer’. The vibe is cool and the lightweight fabrics have an ease to them, all the while complementing his penchant for adventurous shapes and balancing his magpie-like attraction to all things bright and shiny.

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Another look which is easier to replicate that you might think, this one’s key is layering. Build things around focal patterns and statement jackets but be mindful of when to keep the colours quiet: dark greys and blacks will work well with more novel cuts and luxe metallics.

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Many will wonder if they have ever seen’s eyes. For sunglasses seem, for him, to be an extension of the face. A statement piece to finish off each and every look, a pair of tinted specs has been consistent in the musician’s style and while we wouldn’t recommend wearing them once inside (because, let us be fair, you simply are not going to get away with that), we do think that they are a necessary buy.

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One style favoured by Will is a very classic, round frame. Steeped in nostalgia, this minimalist style’s simplistic shape is immediately reminiscent of John Lennon’s iconic look. Yet sunglasses such as these, free of overt flamboyance or gimmickry, work as a perfect contrast in an ensemble that does render extravagance. As we all know, a great look is based on considered coordination of pieces and balance.

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Conclusion is really a very reputable role model His idiosyncratic and fearless approach to menswear is laudable. His imaginative construction of an iconic image is integral to his own success but also serves as a point of reference for all of us. With personal style so widely embraced, now more than ever it is from the likes of that we should learn to actively portray personality through clothes. There is so much out there with which to build your own style, with your personal touch. You are, after all, the creator of your own #dopeness.