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Style Icon: Pharrell

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Here at MFM we are forever in admiration of a stylish gentleman who has more than a few ‘strings’ to his proverbial bow. Someone who likes to dabble in as many creative areas as possible is usually someone who we have a lot of professional respect for. Pharrell Williams is one such man who has become a musically creative and fashionably inclined entrepreneur through his own dedication to sustaining a well honed work ethic. Not only is he a rapper, singer and song writer, but he is now able to call himself a produce, designer and style icon.

pharrell 001

Believe it or not Pharrell Williams was born in 1973, making him a young looking 40 years old. Since he was young it was clear his talent and future lay within the music industry. He met his long time friend Chad Hugo in a seventh grade summer band camp where their flare for musical instruments such as keyboards, drums and saxophone gave them  a taste the musical creative process. In the 1990’s the duo formed a four piece R&B group called The Neptunes with two other friends Shay Hayley and Mike Etheridge. It was a performance in a high school talent show that let them to being discovered by Teddy Riley and later signed with his record label. After the group began to develop a worldwide fine base, Williams, Hugo and Haley, released their first album in 2001 as the group we know as N.E.R.D. It was then four years later in 2005 that Pharrell launched himself as a solo artist and continued to dominate the charts.

Fashion Ventures

Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream are two lines of clothing established by Pharrell and Nigo, founder of clothing label BAPE. The lines consist of T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, knits, denim, suits and shirts; outerwear in leather, down, cotton, and technical fabrics; hats, sneakers, underwear, socks and accessories. The items are produced in very limited quantities and are usually sold for high prices. Billionaire Boys Club otherwise known as BBC was launched in 2005 along with Ice Cream, then intention being to create two premium streetwear brands that had a more luxury feel to them.

pharrell 002

In August 2011 news surfaced that rapper Jay-Z, a frequent collaborator of Pharrell known to wear BBC himself, would be partnering with the Billionaire Boys Club line. Men’s clothing magazine and website GQ initially reported that Jay-Z had purchased the licensing to manufacture and distribute BBC under his own label Rocawear, however Jay himself took to his Twitter account to announce that it was in fact a partnership, and not a full takeover.


Pharrell is never one to shy away from style experimentation and can often be found braving the bolder end of fashion choices. He should be seen as a style pioneer as (we assume) he is one of the few stars that styles and dresses himself.

pharrell 003

Take a look at this images and see for yourself, and then check out the looks for have put together inspired by his style. His fashion sense is so diverse that anyone can take inspiration from how he dresses.

Look One:

marvin long shirtsjigwai waistcoatdean straight jeans

martini silk satin tiemesh sneakerscotton two pack handkerchief

Look Two:

kangaroo hoodypug print sleeve shirttwill cotton shorts

peak flat capswingtip suede brogueshiking socks


It would seem that Pharrell is one of those lucky guys who can seem to pull of any style, and he does it with a laid back confidence that works well for him. Each of the two looks is completely different but we feel they are both our versions of his style. Take from what you will, but even the most sceptical of readers have to admit that he does have a certain ‘something’.

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  • Broderick | Sartorial Exposure

    Love Pharrell – not every guy can pull off fur

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