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Style Icon: James Franco

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To be great and powerful is a dream most of us aspire to be, and for James Franco this becomes a visually spectacular reality with the March 2013 release of his new film ‘Oz: The great and powerful’. In it he plays a magician who finds himself in the wonderful Land of Oz where he discovers a chance to make something of himself. As an actor he is slowly getting the recognition he deserves for his art, including roles in films like ‘The Great Raid’, ‘Tristan and Isolde’ and the made for TV movie ‘James Dean’ which earned him a Golden Globe award for his performance.  Outside of his film roles, James Franco’s style is considered laid-back yet slick and easy to achieve. He is the definition of cool and stylish with an air of mystery. He considers himself fairly low maintenance and this is reflected in how he dresses himself. A simple style that is super effective in portraying him as the natural gentleman.

James Franco Style

His style has two sides to its fashionable personality, while he is clearly a fan of formal wear he does like to venture into territory reminiscent of the bad boy biker style like a certain ‘Rebel without a cause’. With either style he does it with a casualness that is both easy and age appropriate, he never takes it to the point of trying too hard. James Franco is at his best in his dapper suits, looking the epitome of gentlemanly style and charm.

Taking Inspiration: Suiting Up

James Franco Suits

Being partial to suiting up means that Franco is never short of a being well tailored, in fact almost all of his red carpet looks could have been taken from era’s reminiscent of old films ‘Casablanca’ and ‘It happened one night’. However, most of us don’t have a personal stylist so here are a few ideas and links to achieving that Oscar winning look.

Suits, Shirts and Shoes (oh my!).

A true man of style should never be short of a wardrobe that would make any Saville Row regular jealous; with the internet it is impossible to be short of choice. We’re a firm believer in dressing well no matter where you go, for you never know where you will go or who you will meet. Here are a few of our personal suggestions that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Vivienne Westwood SuitTopman Navy Satin SuitBurberry White ShirtAlexander McQueen White ShirtOffice Fabio BroguesTed Baker Brogue


This combination of pieces will look fantastic however you choose to wear them, but I personally believe that it is the accessories that make the outfit. I have a varied collection of ties, cufflinks and tie clips because I feel that it is the little touches that define your own personal sense of style.

Paul Smith CufflinksPaisley Print Tie


If you are in fact having to step outside in the dreaded rain, you do not want to get your suit all wet but at the same time you still want to look smart and sophisticated. I recommend going for a traditional style overcoat that will finish off the outside version of your outfit perfectly. This will give you the essence of an old Hollywood film noir male lead.

Jaeger Double Breasted OvercoatTopman Trench Overcoat

No matter what style you go for, James Franco recommends that you go trendless. The runways and magazines are inundated with trends and styles, but not all of these works for everyone. It’s a matter of finding what you can work with, and editing a trend to suit your own personal style. I always say make the clothes work for you, not you work for the clothes. This mantra relates straight back to James Franco with his laid back approach to personal dressing and dressing well. So if you are ever stuck for something to wear take note of Mr Franco’s approach and don’t think too hard, but wear it well and you can’t go wrong.

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