Style Icon: Jake Bugg

He may not seem like a typical style icon at first glance, but once you take in his rustic, urban look, and look beneath his long floppy hair, you will find all of this seasons major trends. Famous at the tender age of 18 for his unique voice, and number one hit ‘Lightning Bolt’, Jake is set to be around for much longer.

Recently Bugg performed for ‘Live at 121’ at the Burberry flagship store on Regents Street where he was not only noticed for his talent, but his on trend style. It seems the musician has collected all the key season trends and created his own signature, but very laid back and cool style.

jake bugg style

The Harrington Jacket

To take inspiration from Bugg’s style your key piece would be the harrington jacket. This really is his staple piece, that he pairs with some beautiful yoga jewelry  with most of his looks featuring the classic jacket. It was noted that one of his musical inspirations was Oasis, so maybe Jake is taking some inspiration from Liam’s statement style also. Who knows? He also likes to mix things up and sometimes opts for a bomber jacket. During his latest performance at Burberry he was spotted wearing a black shiny bomber jacket (Burberry of course) which although was juxtaposed against his black shirt and suit trousers, worked really well together. The Harrington jacket and the bomber jacket are ideal for Spring/Summer as they are a lighter jacket to put on over anything, although initially it is assumed to be casual wear, Jake Bugg shows just how to wear it formally. Jake likes to keep things muted, and doesn’t often opt for a lot of colour.

stone harrington jacketpaded bomber jacket

mandino bomber jacketpeter werth bomber jacket

The Shirt

Although the shirt is recognized as a formal item, Jake gives it a whole new meaning. Although he is never seen with his top button undone, he rarely leaves his shirt tucked in to create a laidback look. The top button portrays a hint of mod fashion and seems to be the overall look he is going for. When it comes to mod fashion, there is one brand to look to, and that’s Fred Perry, which is no surprise that Bugg likes to wear it himself. Her usually sports a lighter coloured, or check shirt, this blue short sleeved shirt is ideal for summer, and can easily be dressed up or down with a jacket or blazer. However, if you want to get Jake Bugg’s style down to a T, then the Fred Perry three coloured gingham shirt is the one to go for.

tipped shirtlong sleeve gingham shirt

black slim fit shirtbuttoned turn up shirt

The Jeans

One thing that is always consistent with his look is the jeans, and it seems that the only option is to squeeze into the skinny fit, or at least slim line. His casual look means that he wears them low rise, but for a smarter look team them with a tan belt to keep them in place. The colour of the jeans depends on the occasion. For a relaxed look, go for light bleached denim, Zara feature some brilliant light wash jeans in lots of different styles, but mainly slim leg for Spring/Summer 2013. However, if you would like to rival Bugg’s look a little more closely then darker denim is what you should go for. Diesel’s latest denim release is the Darron pair, which are a dark black-blue denim which is just what the singer/songwriter is seen in, they are also of a slim fit. However, for easy to find and cheap jeans, Topman is always a winner. With plenty of different shades and styles you can go for super skinny or slim, depending on which style suits you best.

wide vintage style trousersdarron jeans

grey skinny jeansgrey stud skinny jeans


The Hair

His hair style may look like it hasn’t been styled at all, but that’s the point. It’s all about the messy, undone look that takes longer than you think, it fits in well with the untidy look that he creates and works so well altogether.

Jake Bugg’s style is very iconic, as well as significant of Britain’s music past, he lets his style as well as music be influenced by his favourite eras. Although his look is casual, and may not be suitable to some, everyone can take parts of his style and adapt them to their own, whether it is the jacket, the shirt or the jeans. His music is developing rapidly and so will his style, his rough and ready look is set to be big, and is something to watch as he develops and grows as an artist.