Stuck For Seasonal Gift Buying? Here Are Some of END’s Best Budget Gifts This Year

If any of you are like me, then your first port of call for new fashion is END Clothing. These guys stock a huge array of brands, ranging from high-end designers to brands that normal people like you and I can afford. Their website offers us everything from the latest clothing, collaborations, blogs and inspiration, but it’s also a fantastic place to look if you’re after a gift for someone who owns too many clothes or pieces for the home.

Again, if you’re anything like me, your life outside of your wardrobe is equally as curated, and you enjoy nothing more than finding brands and pieces that not only match your personal style but also have form and function. Thankfully END understand and cater to this, so their online store is a perfect place to hunt for gifts for friends and family.

With Christmas around the corner, I’ve saved you half the job and dug out some of the best gifts END have to offer this season.

Folk – Wool Puzzle Sock


Folk socks are always a big winner in my household, so I simply must pass this on to you as my biggest recommendation.

Maison Kitsuné – MK Logo Square Zipped Wallet


Think: paying for your morning coffee, but now with extra added Parisian charm.

Vitra – Toolbox (Arik Levy, 2010), Pale Rose


Possibly the most millennial way to store things in the home. And I want four of them.

Earl of East – Wildflower Home Mist


We’ve spent so much time at home recently that ensuring it smells amazing at all times has become a serious obsession. And if it’s going to smell of anything, why not wildflower?

HK Living – Set of 4 Egg Cups


Sunday morning eggs have never looked so stylish.

Written by Tom Loughran