Staying Fashionable By Staying Healthy

Staying Fashionable By Staying Healthy

If you want to be the most fashionable person in your circles it is important that you put in the effort to stay physically and mentally healthy. No matter how stylish the outfit without good health you will not be able to look your best and impress those you encounter each and every day. Let us explore some ways to keep yourself at peak performance and looking your best.

Go To The Doctor

As men we sometimes put off going to the doctor because we think we are tough enough to handle anything that comes our way but when it comes to our health being seen as tough is not a good enough excuse. This means that sometimes we need to ask for help from a healthcare consulting firm in order to find healthcare professionals who are a good fit. Even if we think it is not needed we all should go to the doctor for our annual exams. This way we can know what we need to do to keep our bodies running the best they can. 


One of the best ways to keep ourselves looking good is to make sure we are exercising. There are a wide range of fitness trends so we all can find one we enjoy. For some of us this might look like getting the guys together to play in a sports league. For others this looks like training for a marathon. For yet others this looks like working with a personal fitness coach or doing mixed martial arts. In the end it does not matter what type of exercise that we do as long as we keep moving. The more we exercise the better all our clothes will fit. It is also important that we find others who can direct us in our exercise routines because we don’t want to injure ourselves because we did not know how to do a move properly. For example we do not want to be the person who ends up going viral because we have no idea how to use the equipment at the gym. 

Eat Well

There are a wide range of diets we can choose from depending on if we want to bulk up, if we want to get ripped, or if we just want to stay healthy. While the number of possible diets might seem overwhelming, pay attention to some of the hottest diets including volumetrics diets, Keto diets, vegan diets, flexitarian diets, raw food diets, probiotic-rich diets and intermediate fasting. Eating well means we are providing our bodies with the fuel it needs in order to work at peak performance. 


While we might think of mindfulness as an industry that is more focused on women in truth we all can benefit from it. While mindfulness can involve getting in touch with emotions it can also mean doing some hot yoga or getting into a place of flow as we go for a daily run. Mindfulness can also look like simply taking a moment to really enjoy our first cup of coffee for the day. No matter who we are we can benefit from more mindfulness.

Mental Health

Like mindfulness, mental health is not something men often like talking about. We think we are supposed to be able to handle whatever is through our way. But in truth mental health struggles are common among us men and we need to talk about it among ourselves. We can become isolated from others and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to process our experiences which only makes our mental health worse. There are a large number of organizations who are working to help us men have conversations about mental health among ourselves and with our health care providers.

No matter who you are, putting on a nice outfit will only go so far if you do not take care of your health. If you take care of your physical health, see your doctor, exercise, eat well, and pay attention to your mental health you will become the center of attention every time you step into a room no matter what you are wearing. You are a fashionable gentleman so why not accentuate all your assets?