SPACELIFE: Designed on Earth, Created for Space

Have you ever considered astronomy to be your lost calling in life? Do you ever wish that you were exploring the vast galaxies of the universe, rather than being stuck down here on Earth? While SPACELIFE can’t actually turn you into an astronaut working for NASA overnight, they are able to make you feel like one.

spacelife 1

As the observation and exploration of space evolves, the newly founded luxury brand works on the motto that what was once only accessible to a chosen few will become available to the many. The brand utilizes advanced technology and future proof engineering to create products that will allow you to explore the frontiers of the past, present and future.

spacelife 2

SPACELIFE will release their first complete collection in time for winter 2015/2016. According to the brand, SPACELIFE was “created out of the love for discovery, sparked by the very first moon landing and ignited by the rapid technological developments of the last years”. However, as rapid technological advances continue, ‘space life’ may no longer be a thing of the distant future.

spacelife 3

Mars One has transformed commercial space travel prospects: a permanent human settlement on the red planet could potentially be created within the next ten years. SPACELIFE wants to share this adventure and make it tangible through products that combine the innovation of space travel with the comfort and luxury we use daily.

spacelife 4

Ahead of the launch of the first collection, SPACELIFE has designed a luxurious limited edition jacket for true space-lovers. The jacket is inspired by none other than the classic astronaut suit, and just like a spacesuit, it offers a wide variety of technical gadgets as well as protection from the elements.

spacelife 5

The outside of the jacket is made from a unique trilobal fiber that is both water-resistant and light reflecting. If this wasn’t enough, the hoodie contains built in speakers: the controls on your sleeve effortlessly control your phone via Bluetooth. The Jacket is presented in a special SPACELIFE ambassador’s kit, which contains different space inspired accessories.

spacelife 6

There are only one hundred jackets available; if you want one, you better act quickly. Priced at €1499, they are exclusively available via the SPACELIFE website at The jacket will not be delivered until September 1st 2015, however will certainly be worth the wait.