South West London welcomes unique sanctuary from city life

South West London’s Clapham hot spot has welcomed a new sanctuary amid the Capital’s urban bustle – April’s Promise Spa – a world-class retreat from city life that offers a holistic approach to wellbeing. Bringing together a team of expert practitioners from across the globe to provide exclusive spa, fitness and beauty treatments, April’s Promise Spa, is establishing itself as a favourite destination for both city dwellers and out-of-towners to de-stress and step into a space of holistic health, healing and rejuvenation.

April’s Promise Spa has brought together a team of bodyworkers, osteopaths, facialists, nutritionists and nail technicians to create a bespoke approach for each guest’s experience. Analysing a client’s lifestyle, stress levels and overall wellness, they create holistic treatments that support beauty and well-being for the mind and body.

The Spa features three treatment rooms, with an indoor endless swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna and loungers. The Spa Lounge offers a place to unwind, serving a wide selection of refreshments and teas. The gym is fully equipped with expert personal trainers ready to transform clients’ views on health and wellness, offering fitness and rehabilitation programs customised to individual needs.

Signature massage treatments include the Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage – a deep muscle massage focusing on relieving deep-seated tension. Using powerful techniques with elbows, forearms and hands to stretch and release tissue knots, this Sport’s Massage promotes blood flow and increases flexibility. The Ayurvedic Massage involves the use of medicated oils and pressure points to clear the channels of circulation and detoxify the body. Pinda sweda poultices made with rice and herbs help to take away pain and stiffness in the body and help the joints feel lubricated and supple.

Signature facial treatments include the Clarity Facial, whereby passionflower and cranberry fruit extracts work in harmony with deep cleansing actives to target oily, problematic and blemished skin. This re-balancing facial restores a clear and soothed complexion. The innovative CBD Facial Massage is inspired by lymphatic drainage techniques that encourage detox. This relaxing facial provides anti-aging, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Signature spa treatments include the Urban Release – a disconnect, relax and pamper session that aids complete indulgence and pampering, restoring tranquillity to both mind and body. A further highlight of the spa is its exclusive range of pure, CBD oil-based wellbeing and beauty products.