Six Rules To Follow When Buying Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, choosing the right pair is essential. They form a huge part of your look. So, you need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

Most retailers offer a huge range of eyeglasses, so it is also useful to have a way to narrow down your options. If you don’t you could spend literally hours trying to pick out the perfect pair.

So, here are a few simple rules. Follow them and you will be able to quickly pick out eyeglasses that will look great on you.

Update your prescription

Every time you buy new prescription eyewear, have your eyes tested. Adults should have their eyesight tested at least once every 2 years.

Make sure you know your PD

PD stands for pupillary distance, which as you have probably guessed, is how far apart your pupils sit. If you want to tap into the fact that you can now buy good-quality eyeglasses online for very little money, you will need to know this measurement. Without it, the strongest part of the lenses may not correspond properly with your pupils. This will reduce the effectiveness of your glasses. So, when you have your eyes tested ask your optician to include that number on your prescription.

Choose frames that complement your face shape

The biggest mistake people make is choosing frames that do not complement their face shape. Usually, this is because they misidentify the shape of their face. When you click the link you will find a great comparison table. It shows you which frame shapes suit which types of face and explains how to properly identify the shape of your face.

Choose the right frame size

Once you know which frame profiles work best for you, your next task is to choose the correct frame size. That is to say frame width. Again, you can easily find out how to do this from the web.

Don’t be afraid to spend a fair amount of money on glasses

Don’t be tempted to scrimp when you buy eyewear. You are going to be wearing them all day, every day, so you must feel comfortable in them. Of course, if you see a pair of $50 frames that you like there is no reason you should not buy them. But, if they look awful, you are better off saving up for another couple of months and buying the ones you really want.

Buy a case

Looking after your glasses well plays a role in how good they look. When you are not wearing them, they should be stored in a hardshell case. This stops them from getting knocked about and bent. When that happens, they will not sit properly on your face. So, they will not look right and it will be harder for you to see out of the lenses because they will no longer be correctly aligned with your pupils.

Provided you follow the above buying tips you will end up with a pair of eyeglasses that look good as well as being practical.