Sometimes when you look in your wardrobe, do you see the same old things, and stress about what you’re going to wear to work, on a date, down the pub, round the in-laws, round your mum and dads?
The difficult part is quite what to buy, and the easy part is, just get seven essentials that’ll mix-and-match with everything else in your wardrobe. Whatever you have!

Get yourself a decent white t-shirt, or realistically two, and when it’s warm wear it on it’s own with some mart dark jeans, or chinos or tailored trousers for a more formal look and add a lightweight jacket. Make sure the quality of the fabric is good, they are long enough, and have a round neck. It needs to fit you like a dream, hug your body, but not so tight that you look ridiculous. Work wise, you can layer it under a suit or a crew neck jumper, as it’s the perfect choice for layering if it get’s chilly.

On the subject of white, your next good buy should be an Oxford shirt. You can wear it exactly the same way as a t-shirt but this will give you a little bit for formality. Wear it with your suit pants and brogues, and throw a sweater on or round your neck in the evenings. Again, buy a couple so you have one on, one in the wash, so you can always look crispy clean. If you want to go smart and particularly if you want to wear a tie, get one without front pockets, as these little side pockets can look distracting under a suit.

Next on your list should be a good, expensive sweater.  This will be your perfect in-between layer for any time of downgrade of warm weather, especially at night when it tends to turn either windy or very chilly. A cashmere sweater, yes we know they cost a lot, but the yarn is the softest knitwear around and it will always give that look and feel of class. Think about the colour, navy, if you wear a lot of jeans, or neutral If you are going to wear it a lot. Even black, if that’s the work colour your choose.

Next get yourself some really decent jeans. Every guy would own a good quality pair of jeans, and we suggest as before, go for dark blue, it’s always a sturdy look – and there is literally  nothing that worn’t go well this colour. If you prefer skinny, it night be well thinking about also getting a pair of narrow straight-leg. Sometimes skinny jeans are not always a good look with a smart-casual look. So your white shirt, sweater and t-shirt will all look good so far.

Next is the shoes. Go for a pair of tan or brown leather Oxford or plain brogues. They are the perfect partner for jeans and a white shirt, and even if you don’t want to wear them out all the time. They will pick up on weddings, business meetings, and a posh date. Good looking and will last forever. And add some classic white sneakers. Great for casual Friday or a night out with the lads, and now you can wear them with a full suit and a t-shirt for that informal office day.

Lastly, the summer coat. Go for a versatile, lightweight  3/4 length coat that can be worn all year round, and with anything from casual to formal. Throw it over your tee and jeans, upgrade to chinos and brogues and your suit, You can even wear it over your tracksuit and pristine sneakers for a very off-duty look.