Shoes & Sneakers – How to Take Care of Them

Soles are similar to souls in that the better you care for them, the more likely they are to stick by your side as the roads become more complex. Shoes or sneakers reflect one’s personality, and caring for them means caring for oneself. Even if you have several shoes for different days and occasions, you should never leave your lovely ones sitting in one spot. After all, they are your solemate, so give them the attention they deserve.

Most of us pound the pavement in our shoes, only to kick them off in a heap as soon as we get inside. Unfortunately, if we don’t take care of our sparkling new men’s sneakers, we’ll have to replace them much sooner than we’d like. However, with a few tricks and equipment, you can extend their life and keep them in your wardrobe rotation for longer.


Organize your closet so that your shoes have a home, whether a shoe rack or a spot on the floor. Do not stack your shoes on top of each other, as this may cause dirt or marks to appear on your shoes. Things shouldn’t be placed on top of your shoes, and shoes shouldn’t be placed on their tops. This keeps them from being crushed. Make a unique storage area for your special shoes. For example, if you have a nice pair of dress shoes that you only wear with your nice suit, store them in a box or bag to keep them dust-free. Softer shoes’ toes can be kept in shape by packing them loosely with clean tissue. Alternatively, you can use pre-made cardboard, wood, or plastic.

Exposure to severe heat or direct sunshine can cause dry rot and stiffness, which can lead to crumbling. Instead, keep your shoes in a controlled environment to ensure that they last longer for when you want to wear them.


Leather conditioner and polish act as a moisturizer for your shoes. It will protect shoe ‘skin’ from cracking, wrinkling, fading, and peeling. Leather polishing should become a regular routine, depending on how often you wear your shoes. First, apply a tiny amount of leather polish or conditioner to a clean, dry cloth and rub it across your shoes in a circular motion. Next, remove any remaining polish with a fresh, clean cloth and buff with a pair of socks until no streaks or marks are visible. Beeswax polish is an excellent way to maintain and rejuvenate your leather.

On & Off

First and foremost, when putting on your shoes, utilize a shoehorn. When you’re rushing out the door, it may seem like a waste of time, but it’s the only way to avoid harming the back of your shoes. Then, when you take off your shoes at the end of the day, let them stand for around 10 minutes before packing them away. This allows your shoes to breathe, allowing any moisture trapped within to escape.


Contrary to popular perception, any form of canvas, knit, or mesh shoe should not be washed in the washing machine. Even light cycles might weaken the adhesive that holds your shoe together, making your soles appear worn out.

Moisture can lead to germs, which can cause the shoe material to break down quickly when used, so keep your shoes dry. Instead, use desiccants like silica pouches or gels to keep them dry and bacteria-free. If you don’t have any silica, you can load your shoes with newspapers and replace them every week, keeping your beloved soles dry.


Suede is significantly less challenging to maintain than most people believe. If you don’t have time to take care of your shoes, go for suede. I’ve had my suede boots for a year and haven’t cleaned them. Most people are unaware that by simply hovering suede shoes over a kettle or heating a pot of water, the color and nap of the suede can be rejuvenated. They’ll look brand new after a short brush with a suede or stiffer bristle brush—never metal bristles, that’s craziness! It’s a quick 5-minute task.