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  • Why You Should Invest In Yourself

    Why You Should Invest In Yourself

    Quick question... What's the one thing that people struggle to invest in? It's not house maintenance, business ventures, or even spending money on others... it's themselves. What was the last thing you did for yourself? After speaking with a few readers this week it became pretty clear that we find it easy to invest in things…

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  • Man Booker Prize 2014: Shortlist Review

    Man Booker Prize 2014: Shortlist Review

    This year’s prestigious prize has not only seen some extremely evocative and thought-provoking narratives, but a number of differences from previous years. It was decided to expand borders by including the diversity of the English novel regardless of author nationality; previously, the prize was only open to authors from the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, Republic…

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  • A Smokeless Satisfaction With Nicoccino

    A Smokeless Satisfaction With Nicoccino

    Smoking is an irritating habit, and it’s a habit that many guys find hard to beat. With the introduction of events such as Stoptober, and with more and more products being released to help beat the addiction, the success rate of people stopping is on the rise. Nicoccino is a new product that has been…

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  • Do You Have A Fear Of Missing Out?

    Do You Have A Fear Of Missing Out?

    Having lived in London for the past three or so years, I have found myself facing an infuriating issue on an almost weekly, if not daily basis. Most of my weeks start with a remarkably empty diary, filled only with mundane tasks and the odd reminder. By lunchtime, it’s all started to go a bit…

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  • The Effect Of A Smartphone

    The Effect Of A Smartphone

    The smartphone, in other words soul-destroyer We all know what a smartphone consists of, touchscreen capability, internet access, the endless abundance of apps… all in the name of being in touch with the times – that and keeping people connected. The latter at least is something that I struggle buying into; it takes just a…

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  • Top Five Moves For Going In For The First Kiss

    Top Five Moves For Going In For The First Kiss

    First Kiss, a short film about (you guessed it) first kisses, has dominated the Internet for the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it- hats off to you, but I’d heavily recommend it. Here’s the gist of it: the makers of First Kiss have coupled up 20 strangers and told them to kiss…

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  • Ladies Lingerie For Valentines Day

    Ladies Lingerie For Valentines Day

    With valentines day fast approaching, it's a time for panic for the male gender. Lets face it, even some of the best romantics of the male species probably still don't value valentines day as they should, due to the amount of hype built around one day along with of course the high expectations from the…

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  • Merry Christmas From MFM

    Merry Christmas From MFM

    Hello there all you festive folks, by the time you read this we are assuming most have you will have unwrapped presents and should already be filling your faces with treats and a just a little bit of Christmas spirit. Considering the Christmas festivities usually only span 2 or 3 days for most, it is…

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  • How Style Improves Confidence

    How Style Improves Confidence

    As a men’s fashion and style advice website we are continually championing this idea of how style and fashion can make you look good, and sometimes make you look great. We have the lowdown on the latest designers, trends and collections to help you in creating particular image that you want to portray to the…

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