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Riedel Veritas Comparative Wine Glass Tasting

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A new glass for 2014? We’ll drink to thank! To celebrate the launch of Riedel’s Veritas Series, Master Glassmaker Georg Riedel is hosting a special tasting at Vinopolis in London: Tuesday, 30th September. This will be the first time there has been a comparative wine glass tasting held in the UK; during the evening, participants will be able to discover Riedel’s innovative new range as well enjoy a night of fun and frivolity. This tutored-tasting event is a rare and exciting opportunity for new, and existing, customers to learn from and interact with the glassmaker himself, and discover how to enhance one’s drinking experience. Unfortunately, this one is probably not ideal for those students who are happy enough to slurp a cheap chardonnay out of a Freshers’ Week mug, but those who are truly interested in enhancing their wine-drinking experience – whether you’re a novice or a pro!

To give you an idea of what treats are in store for those who attend, let us give you a brief overview of this 10th generation master craftsman. The company was establish in Bohemia in 1756 and is known for its wine-friendly, albeit luxury, glassware. The aim of its design is to match various wine types to their perfect vessels. Riedel believes that drinking certain wines in certain glasses can enhance specific properties of individual grapes, whether you’re partial to a glass (or five) of punchy Pinot Noir or prefer a few glugs of Gewürztraminer. Over the past three decades, Riedel’s position has been further cemented at the forefront of grape-specific glassware design through the integration of ground-breaking technology, developed by his Weiden factory team. Commenting on his latest creation, Georg Riedel says:

“Veritas combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine glass can achieve”.

The new glassware design is just the thing for wine connoisseurs, but also those who are beginning to appreciate the finer wines, and glasses(!), in life. What is more, the company has been praised time and again for its revolutionary innovation, design and functionality; notably in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s How Art Became Modern exhibition. Riedel has had a huge impact on recent wine culture, and its industry, and it is staggering to see just how much the company has helped to transform the landscape of wine and glassware.


The glasses in the new Veritas Series are stunningly unique, with the feel of a mouth-blown piece, but with machine-made accuracy, as well as having the added advantage of a lower price. And if one is to follow the ways of Blair Waldorf (we know she’s fictitious but her opinions are spot on, here) then one must treasure Riedel glasses with the upmost care and respect; it is entirely up to you whether you choose to wash them in L’Occitane shampoo or not though.

The result is spectacular. But don’t take our word for it. If you don’t want to miss out on this exciting night, tickets are available now from and are priced at:

Single ticket: £75

A ticket for two: £125

A group ticket for six: £350

(All attendees will take home a set of 3 Veritas glasses, worth £82.50).

Doors at Vinopolis open at 6.00pm, with the glass-tasting beginning at 7.00pm.

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