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  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 Review

    Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 Review

    If you're looking for timeless eyewear, then look no further than Ray Ban. This iconic brand has been around for decades, and if you're looking for a timeless investment then Ray Ban really is your best bet. With the Wayfarer ruling the way, a favourite of ours here is the Clubmaster, as it offers a…

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  • Loake Brown Polished Leather Chelsea Boots

    Loake Brown Polished Leather Chelsea Boots

    The Chelsea Boot is a staple you should consider owning, and these brown polished leather Loake's are extremely stylish. Boot's tend to be seen as a more casual choice of footwear, but the brown leather really add a formality to these. The way we'd wear them would be to opt for some dark denim and…

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  • Hashtag Collective Burgundy Cashmere Jumper

    Hashtag Collective Burgundy Cashmere Jumper

    With the winter in full swing, a classic jumper is a must in any man's wardrobe. If you're an avid reader of MFM, you'll know that we always recommend quality over quantity. Menswear is more about investment pieces, than impulsive buying. This jumper from Hashtag Collective is made from the finest cashmere, and the comfort…

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  • Boss Orange Watch Review

    Boss Orange Watch Review

    As a man, having a good collection of watches is extremely important. It's almost like a woman's addiction to shoes, us men should own more than one good watch. Boss Orange are of course a well respected brand, and their watches are extremely popular. They like to blend subtle elegance with a touch of fun,…

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  • Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch

    Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch

    A good timepiece is a classic staple in any mans wardrobe, and it's always advised to invest wisely. Watches are almost like shoes for women, stylish gents tend to have a good collection and they often become talking points. This classic timepiece from Daniel Wellington is a perfect addition to any collection, and it will…

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  • Oliver Sweeney Nuxis Boots

    Oliver Sweeney Nuxis Boots

    With winter now in full swing, a pair of boots is an essential in every mans wardrobe. These Nuxis boots from the amazing Oliver Sweeney caught our eye, made from leather they're the perfect alternative for both casual and formal attire. The colour contrast works nicely, with the burgundy adding attention to detailing. Believe it…

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  • Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

    Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

    Here at MFM, we get easily excited when we discover a space purveying fast food for the more refined palette, so when we caught wind of Joe's Southern Kitchen & Bar in Covent Garden we started to salivate at the thought.  Following London’s ubiquitous trend of gentrifying a number of less sophisticated cuisines, these kind…

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  • Armani – Saffiano Leather Document Case

    Armani – Saffiano Leather Document Case

    The male version of a clutch has become a statement piece of menswear. This leather document case from Armani is a great way to carry the essentials without being weighed down by a cumbersome bag. It’s stylish, simple and classic and because it’s Armani, is super stylish and of an excellent quality. A must have…

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  • New Look – Grey Floral Peacock Tee

    New Look – Grey Floral Peacock Tee

    Subtle prints are a great way to liven up any outfit, and this simple casual tee from New Look is a great little piece of menswear. It features a floral inspired peacock print in blue that will even be great for those of us who aren’t keen on prints that are too loud. Price: £12.99…

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  • AMI – Derby Shoes

    AMI – Derby Shoes

    Statement shoes are one of many obsessions right now, and this pair of bold, blue suede shoes from AMI are a shining example of how this kind of shoe is perfect for smart and casual looks. High quality, and in a beautiful colour – what more could you really want? Make an even bigger statement…

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