RELANCE – Ready to hit the road? We’ve got you covered.

The great thing about running is apart from it keeps you fit and healthy, it needs little in the way of equipment. Shorts, top and some decent running shoes. Then you are good to go.

Then the next step is upgrading your running shoes or choosing to buy new ones, and that’s the hard bit, it can seem to be an arduous task.

Is there such a thing as the best running shoe, probably not, only the best running shoe that combines all the things you require for your particular running style. 

So choosing and wearing the right shoes for your run, short, medium or marathon is a game-changer, you need a shoe that will help you perform better, and reduce the risk of injury. This is where Relance comes in.

Relance: The RL-01 running shoe

Relance have set out to design and manufacture in France, a running shoe that combines not only great performance for the runner but elegance too.   

Taking over a year to design and get right, they put all their everything they had to obtain optimal comfort, with the best materials, adjusting the lines and testing the shoes on experienced runners.  

If you are feeling really up to that quick early morning sprint of a mile or two every day, or do you go for those double-digit miles every evening after work? Consider something that has more substance and has an expanded PU outsole to combine cushioning and lightness. A knitted upper shoe with innovative mesh to ensure real durability and allow breathability of the shoe. Relance wants to sell products that are made close to home and can tell a great story. A production based on the historical French know-how that they contribute, on a small scale.

Coming in with four strong colours, blue, white, red and black. This is a great cushioned shoe, which means it’ll have some weight to it and is ideal for all you runners that want to spend some time on your feet! 

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