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Re-Introducing Mr. Timberlake

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The world of manufactured music is always churning out new pop stars and teen icons for the masses to worship and adore, but when a pop veteran reappears to reclaim his throne the world sits back and takes notice. Absent from the music scene for five years, Justin Timberlake has made a welcome return to his musical roots to show the kids how it’s really done.

Back in the days of N*Sync, the way of dressing was more bubblegum pop than that of a smooth R&B Crooner. But since breaking out into a solo career Justin has grown and matured into a sophisticated musical artist which is reflected in what he wears and how he wears it. ‘Suit & Tie’ featuring Jay-Z is Justin’s aptly titled comeback single, and what a comeback it is. He isn’t just known for his music and film career, his sense of style is something that requires our attention as well so his new single couldn’t have been more perfectly selected.

justin timberlake suit and tie

Suit & Tie

In the just released lyric video for the song Mr. Timberlake can be seen driving around in an open top convertible sporting casual attire and appearing casually aloof. He then drives onto a film/photo shoot set and begins the process of transforming himself into a sophisticated gent which includes a haircut and shave and then careful selection of his chosen sophisticated style. The video is reminiscent of an old Hollywood film and exudes an air of old blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra when we see Justin sat composing at a classically styled grand piano. This shows us that traditional sophistication is the way forward when it comes to dressing like a true gent.  In the song, the lyrics state that all you need is a suit and tie and this couldn’t be truer, there is just something about dressing this way that can transform a man into a gentleman.

Good Style

Justin Timberlake knows good style and this is reflected in his collaboration with Tom Ford for his album artwork and the upcoming official music video to go with the single. Together they have worked on a selection of bespoke tailoring which includes evening wear, shoes and accessories. The cover of the single shows Justin wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo, shirt and satin bowtie which is a signature Tom Ford Menswear look. Additional pieces such as a three piece suit, leather loafers and black onyx cufflinks, can also be seen in the lyric video previously mentioned.

Get The Look

justin timberlake formal

If you’re looking for inspiration for achieving this style, then look no further. We all would secretly love to have the smooth moves and bank balance of Justin Timberlake; however these things aren’t needed to make you feel like an R&B gentlemen. Take a look at our recommendations below and you too will be able to work the ‘Suit & Tie’ look. All that will be missing will be a dry martini, cigar and an old Hollywood black piano.


slim fit tuxedo blazerattitude wool suit

charcoal grey suitmetropolitan tuxedo suit


lace up replica shoehigh shine shoe

navy with tan heelburnished oxford shoes


mesh lace silk tiesilk kintted tie

black bow tieclassic silk bowtie


silver and black cufflinkspearl and onyx cufflinks

mens black  tie bartim tie bar

Let us know in the comments box what you think of Justin’s comeback single and his sense of style..

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