Punch things up without the booze

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, it’s the season of merriment, fun, families and headaches. But hey, we all know that we enjoy a decent gin and tonic or vodka on the rocks as much as the next imbiber, but sometimes going for the hard stuff isn’t an option. But that doesn’t mean you want to get stuck slurping on cranberry juice and soda water either. And wouldn’t it be great if you could sip a cocktail that looks and tastes lie the real thing?

It’s the first plea to serve non-alcoholic drinks at every party, get-together or with just a couple of your mates round. We’re not talking about being the bore and dishing out the cordials or sparkling water but there is plenty of scope to make the festivities fun and sometimes not with booze! Your friends, be it they are pregnant, on sobriety, going through non-of-your-business, they may not be imbibing this festive season.

So what do you recommend for those who aren’t boozing? When all those around you are losing their heads, it’s not much fun at all. The first duty of a non-alcoholic drink is that it should look as good and be made with as much care as everybody else’s. The details make all the difference between what you have for functional reasons, to hydrate, and the one you sip for pleasure.

So we hear you say, how are they going to do that? There are tons of options at a temperance home bar, but STRYKK say don’t settle for any mocktails or cocktails, check out some great alternatives on their webpage! 

But the best of all is that you can add some STRYKK at any time to make a pretty good punch too. It’s established that alcohol tastes tingly, bitter and sweet, and the recreate these effects in a nonalcoholic drink, you simply need to add ingredients that produce the same effect. Where possible, offering non-drinkers a lovely big glass of something that looks or tastes almost just the same as everyone else’s is a great alternative. 

STRYKK NOT V*DKA is 100% vegan natural, with no added sugar, artificial flavours, allergens and definitely no alcohol! What it offers is  just that, a great contemporary non-alcoholic alternative to vodka, made from a combination of cucumber, coriander and warming pepper. 

STRYKK offers three alternative non-alcoholic drinks: vodka, rum and Gin

There must be thousands out there – what better subject is there for a sober discussion?

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