Precision on the one hand and the closest possible shave

If you’re a man who shaves, you’ll know all about what you like to shave with, a razor or an electric razor.

We’re here to tell you all about razors, the more traditional way to shave, as shaving is a very subjective experience, which means no one way of shaving is better or worse than every other.  It’s really up to each guy what your personal preferences are and your priorities.                         

The Hydro 5 Groomer

This great shaver is the only 4-in-1 styling tool that trims shaves and hydrates through each shave. Coming with a handy built in power trimmer with 3 adjustable settings, giving you that edge to get your beard or moustache exactly how you want it. Neat.

And if you need that perfect close shave then the innovative skins guards across 5 ultra-glide blades smooth the skin’s surface. Another great extra is the water activated gel reservoir that is designed to protect your skin and deliver 40% less friction than a lubrication strip, and that reduces face irritation.

Flip back the hydrating gel reservoir for precision trimming around your beard and those hard little spots that are hard to reach. So for the guys who have a standard 5 o’clock shadow but need to clean baby smooth face when the occasion calls this razor is the sensible choice.

Buy online here: Hydro 5 Groomer

The Hydro Skin Reset

Use one of the best razors with the Hydron Comfort Skin Reset, that can give you peace of mind that it will shave up to 7 days of stubble with less of that pulling and tugging on the face. 3 layers on the blades of comfort coating and Skin Guards on each blade for protection. And once again, with an easy flick, the gel reservoir can be moved for precise trimming at the most hard-to-reach points to ensure your clean-shaven glow-up delivers all the impact you intended..

There’s no reason to live with ingrown hairs or razor bumps from shaving, the 5 ultra-glide blades smooth the skin’s surface, which will reduce skin irritation. And that should be music to any guy that has sensitive skin.

Buy online here: The Hydro Skin Reset

Hydro Body

This is the razor for you when it comes to manscaping. This Hydro 5 body razor is designed with 5 bi-directional blades that give you that perfect body grooming. If you’re content with your chest hair and simply want to manage any unruly length, then this is the blade for you. By keeping your chest hair at a short but flexible length, you won’t end up sandpapering your partner!

With lubricating gel water pools which are great for preventing skin irritation whatever area you’re shaving, and luckily it has an anti-slip grip handle, perfect for that precise control.

Buy online here: Hydro Body

Xtreme 3 Eco Green

With the world changing to be more environmentally aware and sustainable, there is the new Xtreme 3 Eco Green not only sustainable but disposable too. And we can’t let that slide.

With 3 flexible blades to offer a close shave while being kind to the earth, a handle that is made of 95% recycled plastic, and for you guys with sensitive skin, the blades are fortified with Vitamin E to help your skin from getting irritated.

This little green gem is great to chuck in your sports or travel bag.

Buy online here: Xtreme 3 Eco Green

So if you’re a fan of a super-clean look then a finely honed razor is essential for providing the best stubble-busting experience. It might take longer than an electric razor but there is something glorious ritualistic about doing things the old fashioned way.