Posters are thought to be a thing of the past, but that’s just a pure myth. You probably used to hang posters in your dorm room, but now you are against the idea of tucking up posters in your home. This is a dilemma that most people often face. Fortunately, Designers have come up with new ways to decorate your space with posters.

Posters can serve as a statement piece or focal point of your living room, especially when you hang them properly. If you low-key still love posters, here are a few tips you should use to incorporate them into your walls.

1. Frame Your Posters

Framing a poster does not only protect it from deterioration or damage. It can help add a formal touch to the poster. Instead of just pinning or sticking posters on your wall, you can have an expert frame them for you. Of course, that will come at a price, but it’s worth it if you want the posters to stand out. 

If you feel that you are a DIY type of person, you can frame the poster by yourself. You just have to choose the perfect frame style and color to complement your poster and home décor.

The other option is to shop for picture frames online. Most online stores have various custom frames, including canvas floater frames, custom metal frames, custom wood frames, and stretcher bar frames. Ensure that the frame you choose does not steal attention away from your poster. You have to be extra picky because some frames can cheapen the appearance of your wall art.

2. Go for Custom Posters

If you want to add a personal touch to your décor, it’s impossible to go wrong with custom-made posters. Instead of hanging the commonly used posters, you should create your custom posters. Such posters can turn your wall into something everyone adores. 

When creating a custom poster, you should go with a subject or image that’s close to your heart. It can be a picture of your wedding, your family, your kid, or even your hand-drawn artwork. has a few ideas on how to pick the perfect image for your custom poster. 

The point of having custom posters in your house is to evoke emotions. It doesn’t matter whether you are using family images, scenery photos, or pictures of places you’ve traveled. 

3. Prop Your Poster Against the Wall

The other viable way to transform your art pieces is to prop them against a wall. Surprisingly, leaning art has become just as popular as hanging art. You don’t have to hang all your art pieces in one place. Having them lean on the wall or any surface is an excellent way to display your artwork. 

According to The Spruce, leaning art allows you to go wild with creativity. If you have several posters, you can choose to layer them up depending on the sizes. Layering your art pieces should come in handy when you want to transform small spaces. 

If you decide to prop your posters against the wall, you’ll have the freedom to change or move them whenever you want. The other advantage of leaning art is the fact that it blends well with minimalist furniture. 

4. Group Your Posters

Do you know you can achieve a sophisticated look by grouping your posters? All you have to do is identify which posters match or complement each other and hang them together. As long as you can find a common thread, it will be easy for you to put together an incredible gallery wall. Below are a few ways to group your posters:

  • Group by theme
  • Group by subject matter
  • Unite your posters by using similar frames
  • Consider breaking the rules
  • Repeat the same posters and frames

Always focus on creating symmetry when grouping your posters. This way, you’ll be able to strike the perfect arrangement even when you are covering a large wall.

In Conclusion

From the above tips, you can see that posters can also be used to decorate your interior. Don’t ignore these art pieces because you think they are old-school. How you use or display them determines the kind of look and style you’ll achieve. Hopefully, these approaches will give you some ideas for decorating your walls.