The best way to save your blushes…

Ever gone somewhere when you’ve been caught short, and wish you had a bottle of something just to hide a slightly embarrassing smell you might leave behind? There are a couple of smells you’ll encounter in a bathroom, the first is maybe a little damp and the unavoidable array of smells that arise from everyday use, usually they don’t really linger. And the other type is smells that DO linger and that’s when you need a handy little bottle by your side!!

But keeping your bathroom clean may be a short term answer, you can clean it everyday and it will smell as fresh as a daisy but when someone pops in for a poop, well, the last thing they want is to leave a lasting smell. Any pleasant scent you can add to your bathroom will hide any smell that arises, scented candles, and an innumerable range of scents, and sizes from most home retailers may be in the bathroom or if you’re out and about, maybe not! And really you shouldn’t use electronic air fresheners, you know water, moisture and all that.

But we’re not here to discuss how you clean your bathroom, but how to keep your toilet clean and fresh and how to clear the air and keep the bathroom smelling like a bouquet of flowers after you have done the deed! So all of us sometimes have used the bathroom at home or been out at someone’s house only to be embarrassed by the smelly odours that’s been left behind. Unfortunately, toilets or powder rooms don’t come with self -cleaning or built-in air fresheners. Even if you go to a public toilet that’s packed with queues or round at your new date house, friends or just at home, don’t despair. With an ounce of prevention, we have found a great way to let you leave the ‘powder room’ as fresh as a daisy after all.

We have found a great company that will save any embarrassment with their amazing little bottles that save all your blushes. Poo-Pourri supplies gorgeous little bottles to ‘get the funk out’. A great brand delivers quality products made from natural oils that leave the bathroom smelling amazing, and liberates you from inhibiting worries as every bottle is full of only natural ingredients.

All you do is get your little bottle, spritz the toilet bowl before you go to create a barrier from the Poo-Pourri’s pure blend of natural essential oils on water’s surface that traps the #2 odour below! All you leave behind, is a refreshing smell of natural oils!  Magic. 

There is such a choice of lots of lovely fragrances from just some of the huge range of scents like, Vanilla mint, Lavender vanilla,Tropical Hibiscus, to name but a few, Also in the collections are home sprays and  fresh air sprays, shoe odour eliminator sprays and even a secret Santa spray!

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