Photographer: Pardeep Singh Bahra

At MFM we love reading about people that have taken their interest in fashion and made something of it – people who have a talent and want to show that talent to others. Pardeep Singh Bahra is one of those people. Having begun taking photographs at the mere age of 17, he is now the founder of Singh Street Style and has had his work published in Vogue, The Guardian, New York Daily and many others.


Bahra gathered attention for the way he chose to photograph fashion. His photography was – and still is – known for his simplistic, elegant and cinematic approach. His photographs are shown on his blog (and if you haven’t seen it you need to go and take a look!) which show stylish, quirky clothes with a touch on the importance of accessories. Something we’ve discussed is the importance of the minor details – socks, for example, can be coloured or patterned – and Bahra shows this in his photographs in a subtle way but with a heightened sense of importance.

What interests us most about Bahra – and something that we look for when we’re writing about talented people – is the continuous strive to do more. Three weeks ago, Bahra updated his blog to inform his beloved readers that he has been working on his dream – Singh Street Style Bootcamp. Having teamed up with friend and Entrepreneur, Ash Singh, the two will start a new clothing line and online store. In addition, the two just hosted an event in Thailand where fellow fashion lovers can meet, network and have a custom tailored wardrobe as well as a fashion shoot. You can’t argue that Bahra is striving to do more with his love of fashion always in check.


What more could you ask for in a young fashion lover? Bahra has taken something that he loves and feels passionate about and used it to succeed. He’s also brought a new flavour to the photography of fashion so go on, head over to his blog, take a look.