Pharrell Auctions Off ‘That’ Hat

So after much debate over the style of Pharrell’s ‘hat’ (you know the one we are speaking about) we came to the conclusion that many of us here thought that this hat had no other purpose than to create headlines. It turns out we were right but for very wrong reasons. While we were busy debating the lack of style that a single hat can be deprived of, we noticed a flurry of media interest in this hat as Pharrell decided to put it up for auction.

Pharrell has teamed up with eBay to auction off this infamous Vivienne Westwood hat that he originally wore to the Grammys. The starting price was $200 (£120) and (as this news piece went live) it currently sits at $11,600.00 (Just under £7000). It is currently set to finish on Mar 02, 2014, so with a little over 8 days remaining we have a feeling that the price will still sky rocket.

Untitled-1Now we all know that Pharrell isn’t exactly short of money, so why exactly is he auctioning off this now iconic piece of menswear. It turns out that it is all in the name of a wonderful cause. According to Pharrell, he’s “giving up” the hat to “help under-served kids gets the educational tools they need.” Proceeds from the sale will benefit his educational non-profit ‘From One Hand to Another’.

If you fancy a piece of fashion history (and have enough disposable income) you can head to Pharrell’s eBay page to place your bid.