PERCIVAL – Subverting the classics

You know summer is not far away, and as it is going to be soon upon us, are you thinking about getting out of our drab winter clothes and upgrading to those days of t-shirts, shirts, and shorts and of course linen shirts, and these are the ones that get rumpled, creased but always look magic.

The boxy, too long linen shirt is one shirt that shouldn’t be resurrected, as it was a real dads staple back in the day, but with a few major revisions has turned itself around, and whilst a linen shirt, sure, works well in summer, the breezy beautiful linen shirt doesn’t work for everyone, but will work for everyone if you get it right. So when you come across a company who produce classic wardrobe staples, that’s quintessentially British from East London’s Hackney, and will bring you an understated style and rare, internationally-sourced fabrics and materials, we think you may be interested.

To that end, here’s how to make a summer staple and give it a young guy spin, because, the details really  make all the difference, from a company that produces classic wardrobe clothes, with a team of 15 who are at the core from start to finish shooting the collections from their London studio. And they make small collections, often keeping their styles, fabrics sharp and fresh, what can any guy really want with a rotating seasonal wardrobe.

And go ahead and fall in love with this cuban collar short sleeve willow printed shirt, in linen, obviously, and cuban collared shirts don’t have to be flashy, but with this holiday-approved shirt, the willow pattern is an absolute work of art in  it’s own right, and will look as comfortable with anything you choose to wear with it. A perfect combination of subtle colours to wear with anything from tailored trousers, jeans, shorts, and yes, linen trousers. And packs a topical exotic punch.

And if you fancy a T-shirt that’s going to be your ultimate menswear canvas, a short sleeved pure cotton staple that every man has, wears and loves. And this tee comes in an array of subtle but neutral colours that will become a simpler more timeless tee in your wardrobe. The short sleeve embroidered fairytale T-shirt should be your pick of the new season, whether you’re wanting to look cool at your zoom call or wearing it under a suit to impress at dinner or thinking ahead to a summer wardrobe you intend to be seen by all. The cotton feel will give it a noteworthy look and provide the most flattering of fits.

And finally, the long sleeved linen cuban shirt is a week-to-weekend ready shirt that earns its style stripes with this less is definitely more approach. A linen shirt might be a breezier look than your standard broadcloth shirt, this shirt has a trim cut through the body, and is the key to unlocking your coolest summer outfits, literally and figuratively, breathable, lightweight and certainly cool to the touch, hang back girls, linen is your surest bet. So if you’re looking for a shirt that’s casual enough to pair with your ‘Percival’ shorts or dressy enough to wear to the office, this is the linen shirt you’re looking for. Oh, if you are worried about the wrinkles, don’t. When we are, hopefully approaching the hottest and most relaxing time of the year, the naturally rumpled look is all part of the linens’ rakish charm. Just lean into the wrinkles, and we guarantee you’ll look and feel more stylish than ever.

It’s Percival who still pushes out the most innovative, eye-catching all-make vibrant clothes right here.

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