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Peckham Rye: The History Behind The Brand

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Peckham Rye is a menswear formal outfitters that has a rich family heritage and history with tailoring. Based in London’s famous shopping area of Carnaby Street Peckham Rye has a fascinating family story that has been passed down through the generations dating back to over 200 years ago.

This was all started off by Tommy McCarthy who at just 14 years old joined the colonial army otherwise known as the legendary East India company. Not only did Tommy travel the world he also learnt a great deal about tailoring. His knowledge with a needle and thread was then past down to his son Charlie McCarthy, who followed in his father’s footsteps by tailoring the regimental uniforms all over the world in the army. After returning from duty Charlie set up shop in Peckham with his family helping in the trade where he was commissioned to tailor for the gentleman of South London. After Charlie passed away it was down to his son John to carry the family trade torch, unfortunately for John at this point in history times were very hard across the country. Despite this John McCarthy never gave up and kept the business going and with the help of his sister Catherine Brighty. This leads us on to Frankie Brighty who is the very dapper chap in the photo below. Frankie carried on the tailoring business through the world wars and introduced the business to his son Paul, who is Peckham Rye’s honorary chairman. Leading from the front today is Martin Brighty who with David Walker run the sixth generation tailors which other than their Carnaby Street home have retail outlets at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick of Bond Street to name a few.

peckhamrye 001

Peckham Rye is known within the menswear industry for their amazing formal accessories with their signature contemporary style with discreet nods to the “ratpack” and “mod” era. All of the Peckham Rye neck ties, handkerchiefs, bows and scarves are made in England and are 100% silk with the emphasis on quality craftsmanship just as it has always been from the six generations back. Peckham Rye even have a bespoke tie service to go with their bespoke tailoring and made to measure shirting. MFM’s best dressed man David Gandy is also fan as you can see sporting

Peckham Ryes stripe tie at London Collections: Men a couple of seasons ago.

peckhamrye 002

MFM has selected some of the fantastic Peckham Rye accessories to pair up with your formal attire. Whether it be a tie and handkerchief for the office, a bow tie for a formal occasion or a playful silk scarf for that evening engagement.

The Peckham Rye Neck Tie

With an education given to the current generation of the Peckham Rye family down Savile Row for making their neck ties there is no mistaking the quality craftsmanship that goes into one of these silk beauties. All the ties as I mentioned previously are handmade and the silk ties have a self-loop keeper and wool lining to retain the hold and shape of the knot whatever your preference be, half/ full Windsor or school boy. A knitted for work, a stripe for occasion and a paisley for play. MFM’s favourite print from the archive that the guys keep is the burgundy abstract heavy jacquard tie.

paisley edged tiespot knitted silk tie

satin striped tiesbrocade woven tie

The Peckham Rye Bow Tie

The Peckham Rye bow tie covers all angles from formal to special occasion. The Peckham Rye team hand tie each bow themselves to ensure its sits naturally and comfortably within your shirt collar. The silks used are brocades and foulards. The bow tie represents a strong formal statement and you can certainly achieve that with these four hand tied wonders.

check patterned tiesblack satin ties

london spot printed tiebig swirling ties

The Peckham Rye Silk Scarves And Handkerchiefs

The scarves and handkerchiefs are carefully constructed in a luxurious style. This means you get a scarf that combines beautiful silk knotted fringes, unique print and hand crafted block cutting. The Peckham Rye handkerchiefs are made from foulard silk with the finest rolled hemmed edges. Also every seam has been sewn by hand just like it was 200 years ago! Displaying a hankie out of your breast pocket or having a silk scarf tucked inside your jacket is a form of dandyism and formal expression. Express your inner Beau Brummel with these hand crafted delights.

oversized block scarfsmall paisley scarfpin spot printed scarf

crossbone handkercheifpaisley silk handkercheifneat silk handkercheif

For the full Peckham Rye range check out and more information on made to order ties email

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