Patrick Grant Partners With Affligem

Is there no end to Patrick Grant’s talents? Not content with designing collections for MFM favourite E. Tautz, Norton and Sons and Hammond & Co for high street retailer Debenhams, Grant has now teamed up with premium beer brand Affligem.

partick 1

Choosing to stick to his talent as a designer as opposed to connoisseur of fine beverages, the new collaboration sees the tailor reinterpret traditional 11th century knight’s uniforms into a modern day Savile Row piece. As you can see from these images, the suit is a blend of trends and technology, with a traditional flavour. The suit was inspired by Affligem’s rich history which goes back to 11th century, when the first beer was brewed by six monks.

partick 2

Drawing on this rich and interesting history, Grant worked with Oxford University Historian Dominic Selwood to fully encapsulate the history and flavour of the original 11th century clothing. The finished suit is an imposing soldier styled two piece. It features a smart elongated jacket cut just above the knee, with a high collar which includes cavalry cut hems on the trousers. In keeping with the knight’s theme, the suit has been woven with a chain mail design jacquard in black wool, with silver and grey silks. The look is the perfect accompaniment to Affligem’s three distinctive flavours – Blonde (classic clear ale), Double (a richer, more complex affair) and Triple (distinct and bitter).

partick 3

Speaking of the idea, Patrick Grant says: “I am fortunate to get to work on some genuinely challenging projects. Through our collections at E. Tautz we’ve explored well over 400 years of English clothing history but this project for Affligem took us back a further six centuries. It was fascinating to think about the function and design of the costumes of men in the 11th century and to try to meld them with the Savile Row techniques and fabrics, and interpret them for a contemporary audience. Our project with Affligem has been a pleasure to work on from start to finish.”