This piece of merch will give you rad roadie status.

Sometime in our unruly life, we have all had that vintage rock band tee. We have worn it with pride until it’s worn out, lost its shape but still holds a place in your heart, if you’re looking for a strong and reliable style, there is nothing more than that perfectly worn vintage band tee.

So your 70s stoner uncle’s favourite t-shirt style is officially badass again and in the world of t-shirts, nothing cuts quite as deep as a t-shirt made by a rock legend. And nothing looks cooler than that faded, scratched-up rock tee that has seen two, three, maybe even four decades of hard partying.If you don’t have any hidden away in a back cupboard, then it’s time for you to start hunting. Get out on a fresh tour—–even if the only thing you shred during the day is paper.

Overnight Angels is a luxury fashion brand that was born from a rock legend and bass guitarist of Def Leppard, Rick Savage, who derived a mix of amazing designs from both himself and his son Scott, boring into the fashion world with a nostalgic air and high quality, followed by true authenticity. Bold visuals that anyone would be proud to show off, as this company characterises powerful visuals and a good strong graphic identity, with great designs influenced by the 80s and 90s bold illustrations with a great deal of variety across the range. No matter your status, jump on the stage.          

The Crew Origins oversized T-shirt is enough to make you stand out from the crowd, designed to be oversized, all cotton and it has a white distressed Overnight Angles Crew logo sitting bright and for all to see on the back and the reverse features the distressed statement text across the front. Wear it with your fave jeans, worker  jacket and boots, throw it on under a suit, yes a suit, graphic t-shirts are as close to wearable at work and your wardrobe will allow, so, no need to save it for your off duty look. These tees are a matter of high quality styling, so be proud and wear it with whatever the hell you want. Wear it with your fave slouch trackie bottoms, go for white jeans to emulate the art gallery, styling is endless.

If you find em, buy em. They are good gets and then there are the holy grails.