Our Top 5 Spring Jackets

With Spring now officially in the air and the last vestiges of winter slowly coming to an end, what we wear and how we wear is at something of a crossroads; one moment the sun will be shining and the next we could be caught in a torrential downpour leaving us at something of a sartorial quandary.

Your Spring jacket is essential in ensuring you can combat the ever changing elements, you shall require a jacket that still keeps you warm but at the same juncture is light enough to make sure you’re not sweltering when the sun does shine.

Of course this is something easier said than done which is why MFM are on hand to give you a quick guide of the best jackets for these unpredictable climes.

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*Reiss SS15

The Leather Jacket

An old school classic that has stood the test of time, the leather jacket is possible the most durable coat on the market.

One for the rock’n’rollers, the bikers and life’s rebels, for right or for wrong the leather jacket has recently become a staple on the high street. Worn with a plain white t-shirt and slim or skinny jeans will help to retain the rebellious nature of this treasured jacket.

beams plus jacketvarsity jacketjonny worn jacket

leahters bomberstopman jacketscriminal jackets 

The Denim Jacket

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From cowboys to Hell Angels, the hippie movement to workwear aficionados, the denim jacket has played a huge part in the narrative of the last century.

Durable yet lightweight, the denim jacket is once again having a moment in the fashion spotlight. Not all men are too keen on the double denim look so may we suggest teaming up with either black jeans or camel chinos to give your jacket a more distinct feel.

light wash jacketspatchwork effectblue faded denim

who denim jacketorslow jacketscarhartt jacket

The Bomber Jacket

One of the coolest jackets currently on the market, the bomber jacket is another fine example of military wear becoming part of the fashion sphere.

From hip-hop stars to fashion editors, skater kids to hipsters, the bomber jacket has become a must have for any self-respecting gent.

The bomber can be worn just as well with a button up shirt and trousers as it can with ripped jeans and a t-shirt making it one of the most versatile Spring jackets.

ripstop jacketsseal bomber jacketschecked oliver jacket

khaki green jacketsrust padded jacketheros bomber jacket


Before we get too carried away and start to think summer is here, let’s not forget it’s just as likely to rain as it is shine making a lightweight raincoat the perfect spring jacket.

Raincoats often conjure up thoughts of geeky trainspotters but thanks to brands such as FOLK, Stutterheim and Penfield the raincoat has stepped off the train and onto the highstreet.

rains parka jacketelka mens jacketgibson jackets

stutterheim jacketfolk raincoatsscout ripstop


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Ok so technically it’s not a jacket but the blazer can double up as that much needed layer of warmth without having to carry another jacket to the office. And let’s face it, blazers aren’t just worn to work these days, you’re just as likely to wear one out on a Saturday night – teamed up with Adidas Stan Smiths – as you are to work on a Monday morning. Covering the smart / casual divide helps ensure the blazer is an ideal choice for Spring and into the summer months.

hardy blend blazergrey slim blazersskinny suits jackets

homme bluescotton twilledpeter werth exhibit

After what seemed like another endless winter it is often all too easy to get carried away with Spring and ditch the jacket altogether which is why these lightweight, transitional jackets are the perfect antidote to the shifting seasons.

Whether you choose to dress it up with a blazer or keep it casual with a denim jacket, that’s something the weather cannot affect, the choice is yours.