Our Top 5 Eco-Conscious Fashion Brands

If you’re looking to cut down on fast fashion and improve your environmental consciousness, take a look at our suggestions for Eco-Conscious Brands to invest in.


Christopher Raeburn has established his eponymous brand with sustainable and intelligent fashion design for a global audience. The RÆMADE ethos in particular has pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create distinctive and functional pieces.

An ethos built on three key factors- RAEMADE, RAEDUCED, RAECYCLED. Raeburn is developed and curated to have a fundamental acknowledgement for all its waste and usage to reduce unnecessary material wastage and minimising their carbon footprint.

Monkee Genes

In 2006 Monkee Genes was born out of frustration of the denim market, wanting to offer something fresh, vibrant and youthful, with an eco and ethical conscience. Brand founder Phil Wildbore wanted to prove that there is such a thing as looking fashionable whilst supporting sustainability.

‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’

Sustainability is at the heart of all Monkee Genes product. They are committed to being a relevant and sustainable denim brand, dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, good working conditions and human rights.

Stand 4 Socks

“What if socks could change the world?”

Stand4 started by this simple statement when founder Josh Turner said this amongst friends casually. A bold concept, but when you stop and think about it, most of us wear socks….and if each pair has a positive impact, then why can’t socks change the world?

Having spent over four years reverse engineering the perfect pair of socks. Focusing on all the small details others ignore around durability, comfort and performance. Our range today spans across combed cotton, active & sports to twisted cotton design and even our new unique bamboo recipe!


Uunique’s ambition is to pave the future for mobile accessories. Leaders in creating quality, fashion forward sustainable phone accessories protecting our planet.

The Uunique Nutrisiti series is completely natural, made from plants & plant elements. The planet saving, alternative, to general environmentally harmful plastic iphone cases. Make the move to this amazing plastic free, zero-waste protective solution. This totally compostable design will degrade when disposed of in general waste disposal.

Plastic Free – Zero Waste – Biodegradable Packaging: The shipping solution is plastic free and entirely recyclable. Helps save the planet. Uunique Nutrisiti is supplied in eco-friendly packing pouch solution, which is completely biodegradable. The sustainable uncoated packaging is printed with soy-ink, and uses natural glue ingredients. Join the zero waste eco-revolution!

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand was set up in solidarity with the men and women who make the clothes. Their vision is to support you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear.

B.W.S believe in celebrating the positive aspects of production without greenwashing, and so each item on the site has a footprint tab detailing its social and environmental impact. They list the use of pioneering ethical practices as well as the aspects of manufacture that could be further improved. In doing so, they aim to provide you with a transparent window onto the supply chain of the products you buy.