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  • Accessories Make the Man with Randy Jackson Eyewear

    Accessories Make the Man with Randy Jackson Eyewear

    Featuring trendy colors and shapes, Randy Jackson Eyewear gives every man a masculine and stylish look. Fusing the iconic trademark designs of the collection’s unique DNA with the latest looks results in an extensive array of styles inspired by non-conformist attitudes and exciting lifestyles. The Randy Jackson Eyewear Collection is for the modern trailblazers who…

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  • How To Propose As A Man

    How To Propose As A Man

    Popping that all important question can be a daunting task. Will she say yes? Will she appreciate the way you did it? Will she like the ring? With multiple reasons why it may go wrong it's no surprise some men leave it so long. Therefore we wanted to highlight a few tips to make proposing…

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  • Man Skills: How To Master Roulette

    Man Skills: How To Master Roulette

    There’s something to be said for the romance of table games in a casino setting. But most local casinos are a far cry from anywhere James Bond or any of his glamourous companions would want to frequent. In reality most of us now play casino games online, and one of the best games to get…

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  • What To Do With Old Clothing

    What To Do With Old Clothing

    As you become older and learn about the intricacies of fine style, you understand more about dressing for the right season, occasion, and time of the day. Additionally, your tastes will change throughout the years and trends will come and go, so one day you might look through your drawers or wardrobe and think: "Will…

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  • Emerging British Companies Who Are Ahead of The Curve

    Emerging British Companies Who Are Ahead of The Curve

    Brits might be many things to many people, but they are undoubtedly incredibly inventive. The invention of the television, telephone, Internet, and even chocolate bars are all credited to Brits. More recently however, Brits are doing some amazing things in the business world, with some burgeoning startups really beginning to take off and expand outside…

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  • 5 Things To Do With Your Partner This Summer

    5 Things To Do With Your Partner This Summer

    Winter is finally over, so it’s time to log out of Netflix, dig out your summer wardrobe and bring yourself – and your relationship – out of hibernation. Whether you’re in the early stages of dating or have been together a while, trying new things and having fun together on a regular basis is important…

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  • Las Vegas: A Man’s Guide On What To Wear

    Las Vegas: A Man’s Guide On What To Wear

    Visiting Las Vegas can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people so it makes sense that when they hit the casinos and clubs of Sin City they want to ensure they are suitably dressed for the occasion. Here is our guide on what to wear when you're out and about in the gambling paradise. Hitting…

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  • Choosing Your Suit & Shoe Colour

    Choosing Your Suit & Shoe Colour

    Every stylish gentleman should know that wearing matching your shoe color with a suit is as essential as matching a tie with shirts. But although some fellows already mastered the art of finding the perfect match for their tie, other gentlemen are still trying to solve this enigma how to hit the right look. To…

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  • Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Fashion is so often driven by key trendsetters in celebrity culture, with icons like James Dean whose styles are so widespread they’re hard to avoid, from the catwalk to posters like these. It’s little surprise, then, that famous men have been clamouring to create their very own fashion brands, especially over the last decade or…

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  • Top 5 James Bond Outfits

    Top 5 James Bond Outfits

    As well as being one of the silver screen’s most legendary figures, James Bond is also one of its most stylish – something we are seeing once again in new film Spectre. Bond has the ideal attire for everything from dressing to impress to going undercover as part of his mission and these are his…

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