Oliver Sweeney SS15 Luggage Collection

Quality stylish luggage is a rare commodity today. Function usually means hard plastics and ugly styling. Oliver Sweeney has taken upon themselves to combat this problem by designing their own range of luxury luggage options.

oliver 22

Minimal and modern, the collection designed in a monochrome palette features traditional leather and military-inspired materials contrasted together to give a range of luxury travel staples.

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Ballistic nylon, which was originally developed for flak jackets worn by World War Two airmen, is a technical fabric that is highly resistant to scratches and wear, making it a perfect material to use for luggage that will be constantly pushed in and out of overhead lockers for example.

Contrasted with the nylon are black buffalo leather panels and pockets, handles and touch points that give the range its luxury feel.

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The collection itself comprises a bag style for every preference: Tote, Rucksack, Holdall and Messenger are all there but each is sufficiently unique so they don’t all look like mutations of the same bag, with prices ranging from between £195 and £295.

Despite being luxury luggage, these bags are designed to be used a lot, so come with details like padded laptop sleeves and built-in extendable pockets. The bags are finished with Japanese nickel zips and chrome detailing to add to the expensive, luxury look and feel of the collection.

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Tim Cooper, the Cobbler-in-Chief of the collection said of his decision to create a paired down, minimal range that “there’s a renaissance in black after many years of colour and pattern, and in using a combination of technical and natural materials, we’ve created a modern, minimal line of accessories that reflects what Oliver Sweeney is about.”

Available now, the range is stocked in-store and online, so now there is really no excuse for shiny plastic trolleys and battered holdalls to be clogging up the luggage racks for the country’s trains, planes and undergrounds.