Oliver Spencer X Vulpine

The super talented and stylish menswear designer Oliver Spencer is the latest person to jump on the escalating cycling trend with a wonderful collaboration with cycling apparel specialists Vulpine.

Together they have designed and produced a limited edition luxury tailored cycling jacket, perfect for the cyclists who maintain a constant enthusiasm for style as well as utility. This is the first piece from Oliver Spencer that is performance wear based, but he maintains the style with the design of this piece meant for urban cycling enthusiasts.

Vulpine Cycling Jacket 1 (1)Oliver’s sense of style and expert technical know-how combined with Vulpine’s incredible sense of performance and practicality have created a wonderful piece of menswear that has us hoping a capsule collection will be the next thing on their list of beautiful things to create. With the world (and us) starting to pay attention to the world of cycling, this could be a wonderful move for both brands.

Vulpine Cycling Jacket 1 (2)This jacket will be retailing at £295 and is apparently the first of many potential collaborations between the two brands including a proposed womenswear line. But what we want is more menswear, because let’s face it; that’s all we ever want.