Attractive packaging, high-quality scents and the best underarm protection make Oliver J. Woods Cedar & Sandalwood deodorant one of our favourite grooming products.

Cedar & Sandalwood Deodorant

And when it comes to choosing a signature deodorant scent, guys, this is where Oliver J. Woods come in. The smooth-spreading deodorant stick with a natural deodorising agent and naturally derived antibacterials. And if you’re looking for long lasting sweat prevention and stopping odour at the same time, then this bad boy absorbs moisture without out drying your skin, that’s a plus, using a unique skin conditioning formula enriched with Vitamin E.

Oliver J Woods likes to say, no added colour, no parabens, so you’ll have no problems! So take this deodorant for a spin to discover your underarm protection and we guarantee you’ll be as impressed as we are. 

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Abyssinian Hair Clay

If you’re looking to get your hair into perfection, then these hair products will see you right, no matter what your hairstyle of choice happens to be. If we had to recommend a hair product for most men, then a decent clay would be our shout, then try our Oliver J. Woods Abyssinian clay, which is suitable for all hair types. This will boost fine and limp hair, and add definition to thick hair, so if any of you guys like to stick to the short back and sides haircut you will see the benefit of this clay, made with natural hazelnut and abyssinica seeds, it will give you a strong, workable hold that lasts all day. Use it on wet or dry hair.  Bonus points.

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Blackseed Hair Wax

If you ‘having a bad hair day’ always par for the course it’s time you find the right hair wax for you. You need to move forward and get your hands on this Oliver J. Woods Blackseed clay. It’ll give your hair shine and texture, and in this tub it holds a natural preservative-free wax which will revitalise and protect your locks. Honestly the process is really as simple as that, it’ll keep your hair shiny, workable  and give texture, and you can pick out those annoying stray hairs and set them back in line. Enriched with vitamin E, and Blackseed, coconut and Sativa oils. This wax will tame your shaggy mane or perfect your quiff. Use of damp hair for best results.

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