Nok Nok x Hector Launches ‘Oscura Resurrection’

Music and Fashion often go hand in hand, and the latest collaboration from London-based fashion brand Nok Nok and the cult DJ Hector is another example of this natural relationship. The capsule collection, entitled ‘Oscura Resurrection’, comprises a range of black jersey t-shirts, limited to 50 pieces per style.

hector 22

Speaking about his inspiration, the brand’s lead designer, Angel Nok Nok, said, “when I listen to Hector doing a live set I always carry a sketch book as his sound inspires me to create different lines and shapes”.

Unlike most fashion/music collaborations, there is a much more direct link between the music and the clothes on offer; there isn’t just a similarity in creative attitudes or visions, the music of Hector has actually helped create the shirts that are now on sale.

hector 33

“I deeply researched vampires, Goths, Frida Khalo, movies like The Crow, Blade, Mad Max… and found really cool shapes and prints in Victorian and Mexican Fashion” Angel says about the influences that came together with the music of Hector to build the collection.

hector 44

All of these anarchic, graphic and volatile ideas have been realized in the mixing of textures featured in the collection. Italian leathers, some of which have been laser cut, have been mixed with heavy and light jersey fabrics, and there has also been an experimentation with deep dying jersey to create unique finishes.

Layering is also a key party of the collection, with some pieces having netting fabric layered over them to create a disparity of textures within a single shirt.

hector 55

The signature Nok Nok cross logo crops up on several of the pieces, under the layers of fabric and patched onto denim or leather, to give them a sense of individuality, and the use of asymmetric cuts, which are really big right now, keeps the pieces fashion forward and new.

hector 66

The full collection is available online at with prices ranging from £120 to £280.  Have a look below to see a sneak peak behind the scenes of the lookbook shoot.