NICCE – Into the Wild Campaign + Collection

Nicce was founded in 2013, and through the progression of making individual apparel, with styles to suit every taste, the latest campaign comes with the thought that men’s fashion is outdoorsier than ever – and there are a million ways to embrace the outdoor trend.

Nicce is a responsible brand, and they are at the very start of being a responsible fashion brand but are committed to setting targets and better working practices. They are aware that they need more, but are aiming to provide more quality, seasonless products to help you make more sustainable wardrobe decisions. They want to listen and understand your expectations, so they can aim to provide a platform for conversation and experimentation through N-Studio initiatives. 

Nicce has the ‘Journey’ with their latest launch, and inspired by it’s narrative of exploration and self-discovery, challenges three adventurers, the outdoor influencer Louis Hollison, founder & editor of Oriental Magazine, Jack West, founder of sustainable brand Great Goods, Jaimus Taylor and creative, Ellis Gilbert.

Starting on the streets of Inverness, then hiking into The Highlands, and  then ending at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve. This reserve is a project to re-wild 25,000 acres of amazingly beautiful Scottish Wilderness.

Whilst there is certainly something appealing for some to slide into normcore, Nicce got the guys to test the new outerwear to the limits, where these crossover outerwear goods are also super dynamic and durable. 

And while loose and unfussy classic versions are undeniable, Nicce gives you classic brushed fleeces that push you into comfort and relaxation in 100% cotton. The colours are all you want for the autumn months in the brands signature style of Cedar Red and Blue Stone, being the cornerstone of this season’s journey. Throw in some accents of Desert Sun Orange and Limpet Shell Blue and this is pretty much what Nicce men are looking for. 

So, the outdoors is pretty much what menswear is all about right now – versatile designs, lasting durability and positive vibrations. 

Nicce has produced clothes that are cooler than anything else you can buy and have had fun in doing it, and so should you.

 If it helps you get outside this autumn, that’s even better.

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