New Season Aimé Leon Dore

Dubbed ‘NY’s answer to APC’, Aimé Leon Dore have cemented themselves as the most original streetwear brand to come out of the States for years, mainly by steering clear of the ‘hype’ side of the streetwear industry to build deep connections with customers based on the brand’s values.

Aimé Leon Dore, for me at least, are the epitome of what a brand should be: unwavering, passionate and original. They never stray from their core beliefs and allow consumers to come to them through their shared vision rather than a quick flash-in-pan. They have managed, somehow, to take a streetwear brand to levels of luxury that few, if any, ever reach, and this is all testament to the vision of their founder, Teddy Santis.

This season appears to be their strongest to date, with a vibrant variety of items ranging from t- shirts and shorts through to fleece liners and overshirts. Allow me to showcase what I feel are the very best from an incredibly strong season from Aimé Leon Dore.

Backgammon Cardigan – £495

Filled Overshirt – £375

ALD Penny Loafers – £245

Molina Breakfast Sweater – £395

Unisphere Short-sleeve Tee – £85

Queens Crest Gym Shorts – £105

Queens Crest Hoodie – £195

Olive A Knit Sweater – £450

Crest Contrast Tote Bag – £100

Written by Tom Loughran