New Retail Concept From Oppermann

In this fast fashion society that we live in today, it is often hard for new and emerging brands to get the due credit that they deserve. That’s why; at MFM we are always pleased to see the innovative ways in which designers are showcasing their latest pieces. The latest project from Oppermann is a great way for those that are new to the brand to experience it up close.

oppermann 22

Founded in 2012, the London based brand creates high-end quality leather goods that are handcrafted in Italy, with the finest tanneries and factories in Europe. By cutting out the middle man and markups from retailers, the brand sells directly to the customer and can offer quality products at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

Their latest venture bridges the gap between online and in store shopping. Oppermann has transformed a retail space in London’s Old Street Station into an interactive window display.

oppermann 33

Named “The Shopping Window”, it is a modern and engaging take on the classic window display. The display shows pieces of the current collection with its price and QR code. Scan the code and you are taken to a page on the website where you will find out more about the product.

You can then place orders on your phone and even speak with a member of the team. Removing the hassle of carrying shopping bags, orders are delivered to your office or home the very next day.

oppermann 44

With a prime location in Old Street, The Shooping Window allows the brand to access thousands of customers every day, with these being a vibrant mix of City professionals and technical and creative experts. Find out more at Oppermann.