When you’re in your 20s you’ve probably done a lot of creating and experimenting with styles  over the years in the way that you dress. When it comes to your 30s you are probably at that age where you want to up your style game, and while modern 30-something guys aren’t always as solidly settled in adulthood as those in times gone, it’s probably this decade where guys are at least trying to change and head in that direction, and let’s be honest you should largely know who you are by now, where you want to go and in what direction meaning how you’d like to dress and be perceived as so.

This is the time where you can start to build on the things that you have learned by experimenting with your personal style in your 20s, your going to improve the quality and fit of your favourite staples, get rid of stuff that you’ve grown out of and upgrade your wardrobe into something much more befitting on a man on the up and up. You’ve hit that age, when you can look back and realise that you have tried and worn every odd fashion style and maybe now are getting a little bored with it, and so in your 30s, lock down, as by now you should have a good idea on how you want to dress.

Embrace your age, and mix up your styles, unstructured jackets, chinos, decent sneakers, worker or chore jackets as a layering up alternative to coats, decent boots and monkstraps, loafers in warmer weather, linen shirt, check shirts, polo shirts, merino wool fine sweaters, the list is endless. Expand on colour, go a little bolder, wear pink, wear green try a textured jacket and no you won’t look like your grandad.

Go tailored, get a slim-fit suit that you can wear casually so you don’t have to wait for a more formal occasion to pull it off, Wear your suit with a T-shirt and pristine white sneakers, Wear tailored trousers and a slim-fit shirt. You probably need to incorporate a lot more classic styles and shapes into your wardrobe. These are the years, if you haven’t before, you should be delving into luxury that is custom-made clothing. Money permitting. 

So yes, in your 30s it’s time to invest in the occasional expensive item that will last you for years and is great for a bit of mix-and-matching, and you’ll look damn good doing it. Just remember that FIT is everything.