Nail Smart Casual With Moss Bros

Smart Casual: two words that strike fear into men every time they ask what to wear to an event. The fact that it’s so open-ended means it’s so easy to get wrong, but when done correctly, it’s absolutely foolproof.

To put it simply, anything in between a tuxedo and a tracksuit can be considered smart casual, but the art of pulling it off isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many different factors come into play when creating an outfit around this theme. Whilst materials, function, comfort are all incredibly important, the most important thing is creating a look that looks so effortless yet incredible.

Moss Bros is a one-stop-shop for everything smart casual. Of course, they are famously known for their incredible suits, but aside from that, they also create everyday pieces that allow you to maintain your look without wearing a suit every day.

Imagine, if you will, a friend invites you to his house for a dinner party, but demands smart casual (abandon the black tie). What do you wear? Using Moss Bros, I’ll show you what I’d wear.

Tailored Fit White Knit Popover Shirt – £44.95

Keep it simple with this knit shirt which perfectly bridges the gap between a shirt and a polo. This popover will work perfectly when layered underneath an overshirt or on its own on warmer days due to its moisture wicking material.

Navy Shacket – £69.95

A shacket is an absolute staple in any wardrobe as it lends itself perfectly to smart casual outfits: light enough for layering underneath but just enough weight to act as a top layer.

Slim Fit Chino – £12.95

A slim fit chino is an absolute no brainer, affording you enough leg room to be comfortable with compromising on shape. These particular trousers are pleated, adding just a touch of class without overdoing it.

Navy Suede Casual Loafer – £54.95

Trainers are great, don’t get me wrong, but not with every outfit. Loafers are a fantastic way of switching it up, especially when it comes to casual outfits. Both easy and comfortable to wear, you won’t regret giving the trainers a night off.

Written by Tom Loughran