Mulo’s New Espadrille

For summer footwear, the options for guys are, at best, limited. If you don’t like sandals or deck shoes, you’re in trouble. The only other potential option is an espadrille, but this style is classically flimsy and can barely last as long as your holiday let alone when you’re out and about at home.

Portuguese brand Mulo are seeking to change this, by upgrading the espadrille style and making it into something more robust, something that could actually become a viable alternative for stylish summer footwear.

mulo 22

Their version of the espadrille is an attempt to “reconstruct the espadrille as a proper shoe” by constructing it from more luxurious, durable materials and by including design details to ensure that they are comfortable all day long.

Mulo are offering their espadrille in a wide range of designs, colours and premium fabrics to suit every style. From petrol to burnt orange cotton, and black suede to dark denim, as well as unique designs from two artistic collaborators – David Kafri and Hentch Man, there is a style that will match any wardrobe.

mulo 33

The details on these shoes are what set them apart from other espadrilles currently on the market. Unlike the classic jute rope style, the soles on these espadrilles are made from rubber with a linen braid surround, to make them grippy and robust for all-day wear, and they also have a cushioned insole to keep the comfortable.

These are much closer to actual shoes than normal espadrilles, but they still retain that cool, casual style beloved by so many. They are lightweight and fit slimly, like trainers, so they aren’t at risk of sliding around and causing blisters! It’s looking like these will be sure-fire style winners this summer. Praise the lord, the days of socks and sandals are finally over!

mulo 44

Mulo itself is a premium brand, and this reputation for quality and attention to detail comes through into their footwear. Available from, Selfridges, Mr Porter, and other selected retailers, the shoes are priced from £95.