MR MARVIS – Good enough for work, smooth enough for the couch and better on the Alps

Not all trousers are created equal. And sometimes you just need to find a pair of trousers that are more
substantial than those trousers loitering in your wardrobe that you invested in last year. As we know
winter can be brutal, and even though we are coming into spring sometimes your go-to-jeans-trousers are just not enough. And while you can certainly layer yourself up and pack on the layers on top, t-shirt,
hoodie or sweater, jacket that’s always been a most guys favourite combo, you may not think that you
have quite as much opportunity for warmth layering on the bottom. So, we may be able to surprise you
with that, yes you can look stylish and stay warm with trousers.

What do you need for trousers that are brilliant for cooler days, trousers that act more than just a barrier
to whatever weather is thrown at you in colder months, and believes us when we say the britain can have
four seasons in one day, you’ll need trousers like ‘The Coolerdays‘ trousers from MR MARVIS. The best
winter trousers will always out function first and then the style or cut in second, MR MARVIS trousers,
don’t do that, these trousers are made from stretch cotton fabric that is 40% heavier fabric which makes
them perfect for temperature from zero to15 degrees Celsius. So even when the weather is baltic, it
matters so much more that you’re warm above anything else, and that is why the Cooolerdays trousers
have textile innovation that has made your go-to-styles over in winter friendly fabrics that pack in the heat.

All the fabric that MR MARVIS use are Oeko-Tex certified or more and this means that the textiles are
tested for harmful substances, they use organic or recycled cotton, and there are no fabrics that are used with, and organic cotton is produced without any use of synthetic pesticides and this in itself leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than regular cotton. They also use conscious dye companies that comply with EU regulations. So they can use local water from rivers to filter out any harmful substances and after use let the clean water flow back into the river.

Some little perks, a hidden zippered pocket for stashing all your valuables, and in an amazing 16 different
colourways, so why stop at buying one pair, and also if you lose a button, they will replace it for free! The
Coolerdays trousers come in three length sizes and the lengths are slightly longer than normal.
Elasticated waistband for a snug fit, regular rise and the leg width is smart allowing a comfortable fit
without restricting your movement. Mr Marvis says, give your trousers a little time, they may feel tight, just like new jeans, but once you’ve walked around the lounge at times, you’ll never know what you ever did without them, comfortable, good looking and totally irreplaceable. Good to know that they are made in Portugal.

Buy online: MR MARVIS