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Movember Grooming Guide

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With Movember in full swing, MFM wanted to share with you some handy hints on getting your facial hair to look its absolute best. With facial hair making a comeback in the fashionsphere, traditional wet shaving methods are becoming the go to method for creating the perfect shave. A traditional wet shave is basically the use of a high quality shaving soap or cream and applied by using a badger or boar hair brush. Rather than a plastic multi-bladed razor a sharp, single bladed razor is used. Although this sounds like an expensive way to keep your facial hair in shape it doesn’t have to be. Quality shaving soaps start from around £5 and can last years, and whereas disposable multi-bladed cartridges can cost over £2 per blade, safety blades start from as little as 20 pence each.  Because traditional shaving methods rely on using soaps and creams irritated skin and razor burn can be seriously reduced.

Movember Grooming



Water and heat are the two key ingredients when preparing your face for a shave. Water softens the hair while the heat opens the skin’s pores. Shaving immediately after a shower is a good way of achieving this, as is washing and rinsing your face in hot water, or by placing a wash cloth that has been soaking in very hot water over your face.


Place your badger or boar hair brush in hot water and leave to soak for a few minutes, this will allow the brush to soak up water making a lather easier to create.  Shake off any excess water, take a small amount of shaving cream and start a lather. You can do this in the palm of your hand, a shaving bowl or directly on to your face. Swirling the brush around in the cream you’ll notice a change in the consistency, the lather is perfected when it is light and shiny.  Apply the mixture in a circular scrubbing motion to help exfoliate the skin. When the area you want to shave is covered even out the lather by switching to a painting motion.


Shaving with a safety razor is different than with a plastic cartridge razor. Lightly hold the end of the handle with your thumb and first finger, and shave with the grain of your beard. Avoid going over the same area twice as there will no longer be any cream there to act as protection.


After you’ve finished shaving wash your face with cold water to close the pores again, as well as stopping any nicks you may have had and leaving you feeling refreshed. Pat your skin dry and apply an aftershave splash or balm.  For sensitive skin or during colder months a balm is advised.

As silly as it sounds you must remember to regularly wash your facial hair. After shampooing your mo rub in a small amount of moisturising condition as shampoo can dry out your skin and over stimulate oil glands, leading to blocked pores and bad skin.

If you want to be a bit artistic with your mo add a touch moustache wax to help shape it.

Last year Movember raised $125.7 million for prostate cancer research, a truly incredible achievement. Now you know the best way to shave, sign up to Movember, get sponsored and let’s help raise enough money to beat prostate cancer.

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