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Our Thoughts On The Mercedes-Benz Parfum

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A man’s smell says a lot about him, so making sure you choose the right fragrance is important. At MFM we’ve always been screaming out for more luxury brands to focus on the fragrance market, so it’s refreshing to see another Mercedes-Benz fragrance from their collection which launched five years ago.

Renown for their automobiles, at first you might be skeptical of a Mercedes-Benz fragrance (as were we). But after getting our hands on it and putting it to the test, we were pleasantly surprised by the attention to details and more importantly the fragrance.

This is a clear indication that Mercedes-Benz is much more than just an automobile manufacturer and more impressively, it’s the 9th most recognised brand in the world.

In terms of this fragrance, let’s start with the finer details

The Bottle

Packaged in a blue and black box with the classic three-pointed star emblem, the size and weight of the bottle is the first surprising factor. It’s robust, it’s luxury but it’s also extremely masculine.

The black and silver colour way again adds to the masculinity and luxury feel of the bottle and the blue glass with silver emblem (the emblem of excellence and exception) is a really unique touch.

The lid slides up with a little bit of strength required (showing how robust the bottle is) and then the fragrance is simple to apply. Mercedes-Benz Man stated that “these fragrances deserve equally special packaging”, so for this bottle they entrusted the bottles’ designs to major international agencies and their manufacturing to the most renowned French glassmakers.

mercedes 3

The Fragrance

On first sight the bottle and packaging might catch your eye, but what impressed us the most was the l. There’s a more technical way of explaining the smell (which we’ll do in just a minute) but it’s a strong, masculine scent that’s extremely timeless. I can see my Grandad wearing this and also my Son as he grows up, showing just how all rounded this scent is.

Each ingredient was chosen with meticulous attention to detail and each combination imagined with total originality. All in close collaboration with master perfumers from around the world, such as Olivier Cresp.

Putting the fragrance to the test it’s also long lasting. A lot of similar scents are powerful when first applied, but as the day goes on they wear off. We found that the smell was longer lasting than competing fragrances.

Treat Yourself or Someone Else

With fathers day around the corner this is a great gift idea, but also if you’re a man looking for a new scent it’s one to try out. Luxury in a bottle is one way to explain it, but masculine is how to best describe the overall experience when buying and wearing this fragrance.

merceds 4

Mercedes-Benz Man fragrance represents a certain idea of modernity and luxury. “The best or nothing”… never has a saying been so true.

Mercedes-Benz Man is exclusively available at Dillard’s, click here to find out more.

To enter to win the perfect Father’s Day gift just follow @mercedesbenz.parfums on Instagram and simply leave a comment in the comments section below. You can let us know how you’ll be spending Father’s Day this year!

*This article is sponsored.

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