MERCATOR LONDON: Your style icon of the pen world just dropped by

You probably use a pen faster than you think, you know actually writing things down by hand. But you probably don’t even remember what pen you used and it was so nondescript and disposable. Everyone is so used to keyboards that a pen is secondary in their daily life, or tapping away at your iPhone, the pen becomes nothing more than an afterthought, a relic in our high-tech paperless world. But give this some thought, maybe it is time to invest in a modern, jaw dropping pen.

But let’s think about it, whipping out your fancy pen when the occasion arises is easily, one of the best subtle moves before you have that satisfying moment of using it, the strokes, the flowing of the ink, sounds and scribbles all whilst holding a pen that is sturdy and well balanced.

So let’s talk about a pen that you could consider, a pen that you would never leave behind, a pen that everyone wants to borrow. We’re talking about how much an impression is worth when you write that personal handwritten note, where the recipient can tell immediately that it has been written with a pen with a difference. It’s all about the mark you leave when you put a pen to paper and that guys, is all about making a mark that is worth doing well. But before you choose to leap, let us tell you all about the game changer.

The Nominal Pen – Steel:

You probably think, ‘do I need this pen?’ – inspired by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, but I do, because I’m a sucker for beautiful things. The NOMINAL Pen’s technical, space aesthetic, made of 34 individual components, of which most are CNC-machined to precision in 316L stainless steel with PVD plating and in brushed stainless steel with detailing in black, satin anodized aluminium construction, gives it a beauteous anti-bling appeal. 

Functionality-wise it feels like something from the future, with four retracting landing legs that simply and easily operate by twisting the lid allowing you to have a pre-lift-off stand and a another little treasure is the  magnetic crew cabin capsule that slides off to reveal a Black Mother of pearl end cap. And a little secret, the base unscrews to allow the replacement of the refill. This Schmidt P950M medium black pressurised refill was selected for its smooth ink flow and easy writing experience at any angle. Available also in brushed steel and dark gunmetal finish. Every man’s dream really.

Finally the landing, polished stainless steel pen grip featuring an engraved linear pattern. Length 145mm and weight 64gm, so nothing flimsy here and my personal pick to last a lifetime. 

You can say you’re an adult with this fancy pen.

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