Menswear Styling Tips for 2020

As we enter a fresh new decade, it’s time to take on a new approach to our fashion and styling. Branch away from the ordinary and venture into the new by sprucing up your wardrobe and giving it an injection of attitude. With it being 2020, we can’t help but reminisce on the 1920’s and the roaring success of men’s fashion. The dapper suits, the booming party outfits and the swagger and suaveness to last a lifetime. We need this urgently in 2020.

At Men’s Fashion Magazine, we are here to give you some quick and easy ways to freshen up an wardrobe, and introduce you to some simple styling tips to improve any ordinary work outfit, night out ensemble, or comfy day loungewear.

First of all, we will start off with your day-to-day office wear. It can get tedious wearing the same shirt and trouser combination to work everyday, the same commute, the same lunch, just boring. However, with a few switch up’s and some easy trades you can turn your day-to-day look into the next best thing.

The initial thing is to freshen up the shirt and trousers themselves, however we are normally limited to what is office appropriate so within this guide, we are leaning more towards the styling and accessories that go along with this.

Start with the thing the eyes fall to first, the tie, the pocket square, the wrist action. An easy way to switch it up on the daily is to invest in some adventurous ties so you can come to work with a different mood, style and colour each day. You can then match this, if you wear a blazer or suit jacket, by adding a matching pocket square. We think pocket squares are in serious need of a revival as nothing says gentleman more than a put together tie, pocket square combo.

The wrist action is then when it gets crucial. When you go to shake the bosses, the new clients, or take the hand of a significant other, as your sleeve rides up you are guaranteed that they’ll be side eyeing your wrist candy. Invest in some serious metal and rock a vintage classic watch on your wrist, or simply style it out with a contemporary favourite. Following this, you need to have your cufflinks in check, as there is no point having the rest of the outfit in check if the smaller details are not refined. Find a pair that are tame enough for the office, but bold enough to be a conversation piece, and you’re in for a winner.

It’s all about the shoes. At the end of the day, we all check out the footwear of anyone we meet and hope to be impressed. Whether you pair your suit ensemble with a classic dress shoe, a dapper pair of brogues or a contemporary desert boot, the shoe is the selling point of the outfit. Luckily for us, in 2020, footwear is at its height of fame and menswear is booming with it. You can get away with pairing a suit with practically anything these days, so be bold, be courageous, but be stylish.

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With these minor details sorted you’ll be ready to impress and become the most fashionable in the office.

Now, onto your weekend outfit switch-up. We know the struggle of picking an outfit for drinks with the lads, date night or just a casual mooch around the shops. With a pair of simple jeans and t-shirt starter, you can turn this somewhat basic pairing into a killer outfit.

It’s all in the accessories, adding a layered necklace or a statement watch / cuff, you’re sure to be getting all the attention. Paired with a complimentary scent of cologne, this is a outfit that will be perfect for any occasion which can be dressed up or down depending on the formality.

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Following these simple and easy styling tips and tricks and you’ll be sure to improve any outfit. If you’re not ready to push things too far, then focus on amplifying your accessories and grow your confidence this way. 2020 is there year of acceptance and freedom, and reflect this within your fashion and styling!