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Mens White Trousers

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We’ve seen monochrome hit the catwalks and high streets for this spring summer season, and the monochrome trend is something Daniel covered a few weeks ago here. Within this article we spoke about how to pull off and implement the monochromatic trend into your look this season, but today we’re going to narrow it down even more.

In this piece, we’re going to be concentrating on white trousers, an easy way to incorporate the monochrome trend into your wardrobe. Ask most people on your high street and they may look at you in disgust at the thought of a man in white trousers, but we’ve come a long way from the white linen trouser and sandals look!

Mens White Trousers

Although unusual to see monochrome down the catwalks for Spring/Summer seasons, white trousers aren’t something new. Gucci had white trousers on their catwalks back in Spring 2011 and white trousers have been incorporated into various collections throughout the past few years.

The key is to get a well fitted pair of trousers, preferably a slim fitted pair. This doesn’t have to mean a skinny fit. Obviously it’s best not to wear your white trousers whilst doing anything too manly either, common sense, but white and practicality aren’t two words associated with each other.

mens white trousers

Also, you should think about what underwear you will wear if wearing your white trousers. Contrary to what you might think, white underwear will show, and VPL’s isn’t just a woman’s abbreviation. You’re supposed to choose a colour that closely matches your skin. Perhaps not the sexiest, but definitely the cleverest choice.

How To Wear

You have no real rules when it comes to what to wear your white trousers with. They’re a neutral tone, so you can implement bright colours, pastels, prints or even darker tones. The option is totally up to you and what look suits your style.

white trousers for men

Here’s a few key ways to this SS13 season…


A classic and perhaps obvious trend is to team the white trousers with navy and create the nautical theme. To be fair, nautical never looks ‘untrendy’ no matter what season or year. It’s a timeless trend and one which suits all done right. Incorporate stripes, and sailor influences to really achieve a nautical feel to your look.

Try and aim for darker stripes as opposed to lighter toned stripes, because you don’t want to look washed out in your outfit and ruin the ‘crisp’ affect a pair of white trousers can have.

If obvious nautical is too cliché for you, try and team your white trousers with a neutral coloured t-shirt and a smart blazer. If you’re looking to achieve the nautical look, aim for a navy blazer to keep the nautical colour theme going, pairing with boat shoes or loafers.


Print is something we’ve also covered a lot in the past, and print is huge this season. With our focus being on white trousers, we’re working with a neutral tone so we can look to implement colour and print as much as possible. Prints work best when they are teamed with something neutral, otherwise the look can be overdone. What’s more neutral than a pair of white trousers?

pleat front chino trousersincotex blend chinosoff white skinny chinos

ecru skinny chinosmens jack slim chinoclean cotton pressed chino

lacoste slim fit trousersslim front pocket trousersdouble pleat trousers

Get this look right and you can avoid the stereotypical clichés white trousers can conjure up. Get this look right and you can look smart, modern and the trend can really look crisp on a sunny day. Without looking out of season, white shorts can be worn as a replacement to trousers, great for the body conscience, but also as a smart, cool, alternative to trousers at more formal occasions. Remember science in school, white reflects the heat…

All we need now is for spring and summer to actually hit us…

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  • Steff

    Hi Clare,

    I strongly support your initial statement that white trousers and manly activities are not to be mixed. Do you think white trousers can be sometimes seen as a cocky fashion choice?

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