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“I’m quite ignorant about fashion and I’m colour blind, so it’s all a tad tricky. My only knowledge of that world comes through Christopher Bailey, whom I first met in

Ryan Gosling, 31, Canadian, a musician and actor, TIME magazines ‘Coolest person of the year, dubbed ‘The next George Cooney’ by the Washington Post, But you’d probably know him as

Most people will recognise Mr Gandy and his white swimming trunks from Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue ad campaign but this super model from Essex is flying the flag for

Timothy McKenzie, or Labrinth as he is better known by, has almost come out of nowhere and unusually stepped straight in around the top of the long list of celebrity

Something that many fashion conscious men struggle to effectively deploy is eccentricity. Too often it is the case that a pair of yellow shoes or purple corduroys ruin a perfectly

A man who’s face reflects an entire brand identity. The unmistakable style of David Beckham is known world wide, whether it’s for his serene casual ensembles or his pristine- iconic,

Jamie Redknapp is a rare exception. He is a footballer that knows how to dress. Of course Jamie quit football a few years ago but now as a pundit for

I’m a huge fan of effortless elegance, and Ed Westwick seems to have that effortless style mastered down to a tee. Who is Ed Westwick you ask? Well at just